The Time and Cost of Getting Medications from the Lab to the Consumer

Are you one of the many people who complain about the high price for prescription medications? Most of us are; especially if we have anyone in our family who has chronic medical needs and are on prescriptions long term.

Research and development cost for one medication is enormous. This is an expense that goes into the cost for a new drug adding to the cost for the consumer.


In the United States, it takes around 12 to 14 years to get a new drug to the consumer. And all along the way, those who are working in any way with the experimentation, testing and studies of the medication have to get paid for the work they do. This includes not just the scientist but also the lab clerk, the clinical trial sponsors and the maintenance it takes to keep these labs and studies running.

All along this process, people must be paid but there are also all types of fees that are paid as well. This is even before the drug ends up in a multi-year process of being tested by the Food and Drug administration.

Sometimes there are products that have enormous cost to develop and this is just the cost we have to pay to live long and healthy lives


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