Tips and Tricks for the New Facebook Timeline

Starting March 30, 2012, Facebook will be slowly converting the layout of the pages for all its members to the new timeline. There has been mixed reviews about it. But whether we like it or not, Timeline is hear to stay (or at least until Facebook decides to change its layout again).

Facebook Timeline

With the implementation of the new layout, the user should expect a lot of changes and here are some of the things that they should check before their Facebook Timeline page goes live:

  1. Select a Cover Photo. Cover photo is one of the biggest highlights of the new Timeline layout. This cover photo is different from your profile photo and it acts as the banner of your Facebook page as it spans the whole width of the page. This is a good way to showcase or highlight your personality or your product and services for a business page.
  2. Check your Content. The Facebook timeline introduces a new layout where it arranges the post in chronological order and is sorted by year on the right side of the page, making searching for old posts and archives very easy.  That is why it is important to review the content of your pages and restrict access to information or hide and delete them to avoid being viewed by others.

To do this, you can check the Activity Log tab for a list of all your activities in Facebook. You can choose to review each activity and decide which ones you will highlight, delete and hide or you can choose to restrict access for all your post to Friends only, Public or make a Custom list.

  1. Go back in time. The aim of the new Timeline is to provide an online scrapbook for its members by telling stories through pictures, posts and events. But what happens now to stories that transpired pre-Facebook time? With the new feature called Life Event, members can add stories from the past to their Facebook Timeline. The Life Event buttons allows them to add posts or stories by choosing from the templates available or by creating a custom event and then select the date and it will now be included in the Timeline.
  2. Edit your Favorite Boxes. The old layout shows the tab for Photos, Friends, Likes, etc on the left side of the page. With the new layout, these buttons can now be found at the bottom of the cover photo. You can customize these buttons and choose which ones you want to be visible (though Friends and Photos are default and can’t be removed), by clicking the arrow icon on the right and you can edit, remove and move the different icons.
  3. Customize your Subscription Settings. By default, you are subscribed to everyone in your Friends list. You can change the settings to select whom you like to subscribe too as well as the information that you want to be displayed in your feeds for each person you are subscribed to. If you have a business to promote, you can also enable the Subscribe feature. This will allow anyone to view and your share your public news feeds even if you are not friends, allowing you to reach a wider audience for your business.

Facebook has a good reason for pushing the change and Facebook members can maximize this new feature by following the tips mentioned above.

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