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Sales of the iPad seem to be rising all the time, with shops in countries such as the UK, America and Australia selling out of the iPad 2 almost as soon as it became available for purchase. Nevertheless, if you want to get the most out of your iPad model once you have gotten it home, it is useful to have some tips to help you along the way. These are some useful hints for getting optimum use out of your new iPad.



One of the major advantages of the iPad is that it provides you with most of the functions of a PC, combined with the easy convenience of a mobile device, but just because you can technically use your iPad anywhere doesn’t mean that it is always socially acceptable to be seen doing so. If you are using it to check out some videos on Youtube or play a game during a boring meeting, you really need to make sure you have it on mute – and it is easy to do this. Just press the ‘volume down’ button for a couple of seconds, and you will silence any potential embarrassment.


Thanks to Apple’s closed system, meaning that only programs approved by them can be downloaded onto the iPad, it is more secure against hackers and viruses than many other devices. If you like to play online casino games or a specific country casino such as ipad casino in Australia, it is ideal to use one of the ones compatible with the iPad for this, because otherwise download-based software for these sites can leave your computer vulnerable to malware.


If you like to read, then this is something else that you can utilise your iPad for thanks to the iBooks app, created by Apple. This app does include a free book section, but if the one you want is not available in this section, you can import books from elsewhere – such as ePub – onto it.


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