Tips to find advertisers for your Blog

One of the most effective ways of earning online cash through a blog is selling advertising slots to advertisers for putting up product ads and thus you get paid for it. But majority of bloggers find it difficult to get an industry relevant and good paying advertisers for their blogs. So I researched on this topic and gathered the below tips to find advertisers for your blog, these are worth looking:

advertisers for your Blog

Tips to find advertisers for your Blog

Tip#1: Review your blog

The first thing you need to do is review your blog. Ask questions from yourself: is it a readable blog? Why a user would want to come here? What we actually noticed is that there are majority of blog owners who have recently entered into the online market and started looking for advertisers from their very first business day. This act ends them nowhere, so you shouldn’t consider doing this stuff when you launch your blog. Even if you have passed some time, you should first go through your blog and create reputation in market by building relationships with other blog owners. A readable blog is more likely to get advertisers as compared to a non-readable blog. So focus on your readership first then go for advertisements.

Tip#2: Know your market

Online advertisers do not want to publish their ads on blogs having irrelevant flow of traffic. So before looking for advertisers for your blog, you will have to know your market first. Review your industry and target audience that is related to you niche. Advertisers review things such as flow of traffic, industry, type of traffic i.e.: Search engine/referred/direct traffic, region, visitor age and other necessary aspects. The idea here is to know your market and understand your audiences before you get into the business of advertizing.

Tip#3: Place “Advertise” link on your blog’s navigation bar

Place a link saying “Advertise” or “Advertise with us” on your blog’s navigation bar and create a separate page for that link with all the necessary details to contact for advertizing. Include options of advertizing available on your blog. This will help interested buyers/ companies to instantly find the advertising page and that you accept ads on your blog.

Tip#4: Place a “Media Kit” on your blog:

Consider adding a Media Kit on your blog if you are dealing with reputable businesses and companies for placing ads on your blog. You should have a well-designed and well-written media kit including the information that is important for advertize dealers to know such as: your flow of traffic and market reputation. This creates a very big impact on advertisers, so give your best shot!

Tip#5: Use email marketing

If you have a big list of email addresses, then use it to spread the word out that you accept ads on your blog. DON’T include you prices in the email, as this may directly make your email reader unsatisfied. If you don’t include the price in your email then interested readers/companies will contact you and talk on the matter rather than running away from seeing the first price impression.

Tip#6: Put up a “Advertise Here” banner on empty slots

Place a banner saying “Advertize Here” on your blog’s empty slots that are available for advertisements. This will help your visitors know that you have an empty slot for placing ads. It will act same as the ‘Advertise’ link on your blog. But this will help you even more, because it will directly show your advertisers that exactly where their advertisements will be placed. Don’t overuse it, because this might create a bad impact on your advertisers and force them to think that why isn’t anyone buying your ad slots.


Tip#7: Keep your prices reasonable

As for the initial stage, keep your prices reasonable. The idea here is to build good relationship with advertisers in the first stage and then target for an amount. Gradually increase the prices as you develop in the market.

Tip#8: Join popular advertisement networks

The best thing you could do is join some of the best advertisement networks on the internet to build relationships and create your online presence as an advertisement place provider. Some of the best advertisement networks are as follow:





Exploit the above ad networks to get advertisers for your blog!

So these were the best tips to find advertisers for your Blog. If you have your own tested methods for finding advertisers for a blog, do share them with us!

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