7 Effective Tips to Reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is one of the most important factors that search engine looks to check your blog content. A blog with high bounce rate is expected to have less quality content than a blog with low bounce rate. Let’s get into the details that what is bounce rate and how to reduce bounce rate.

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who landed on your blog page and leave the blog without visiting any other page of your blog.

Bounce Rate = Number of visitors that left after visiting single page/Total number of visitors

Let’s say your blog receive 6,000 visits/month and there were 3,000 visitors who left your blog after visiting a single page, then your blog’s bounce rate is 50% which is taken as a good bounce rate for any blog or site.  Bounce rate somewhat below 55% is taken as the low bounce rate.

Blog Bounce Rate

But what if you have higher bounce rate? Higher bounce rate indicates that visitors are not satisfied with your blog that’s why they are leaving your blog, which is not good for your blog.  Higher bounce rate means less page views which affect your income from your blog and affect your blog ranking too.

How To Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce Rate ?

Here are 7 effective tips to reduce your Blog’s bounce rate

Content is King

Content is the king and always will be, you should focus on writing unique and informative content. Readers are now tired of reading the same stuff again and again, if you don’t have something special in your article they will leave your blog which increase the bounce rate of your blog.  If you want to reduce your blog’s bounce rate the first step you should take is that you should start writing quality content that help readers.

Easily Navigable Layout

Easily navigable means your blog readers can easily navigate the page of their interest. You should have a navigable layout that can be easily access by your blog readers. For this you should have proper navigation bar at header. You Should also categorize your content and use your categories list in the sidebar so that readers can access to the  of their interest. By having an easily navigable layout readers can have the maximum exposure of your blog content which help you to reduce your blog’s bounce rate.

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Use Less Number Of Ads

Your blog should be for readers not for advertisers, don’t use  too much ads on your blog because it may distract your readers.  You should  choose the number of advertisements wisely and should place them appropriately so that advertisements on your blog do not distract your blog’s readers.  Avoid pop up ads and don’t  place ads nearby your content or navigation bars because this may make readers to leave your blog sometimes by clicking on ads intentionally or unintentionally.

High Loading Speed

No one will wait for your blog to load if it is loading at a snail’s pace. You should avoid useless scripts, plugins, widgets so that your blog’s loading speed increase. You should work on your blog to increase its loading speed, high loading speed of your blog will surely help you to keep your readers on your blog.

Short Posts

People hate to read long post specially posts those are written just like an essay. You should write your blog posts short and informative that makes readers to stick to your blog. If you are writing long post then make sure you have divided the post in paragraphs by providing the relevant heading and subheading.  A post written with headings and subheadings look more attractive than a post written in a long paragraph.

Simple Blog Design

People love simple things they love your blog if you have simple and effective blog design. Remember blog design is the first thing that visitor see after landing on your blog. Make your blog design simple, keep the background contrast light and text colour dark also make sure the font you used should be easily readable.


Interlinking your posts with each other is a good habit, this not only help you to reduce your blog’s bounce rate but also helps you to flow your blog’s PR juice from one post to another. By interlinking your post you can provide the detailed article which help readers to understand the topic well. By this you can give your readers some beneficial links of your old posts.

What methods you are using to reduce your blog’s bounce rate? Share with us by dropping a comment.

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