3 Tips To Save Space On Android

Android is the no.1 mobile operating system and availability of  large no. of apps, give Android honor to hold this proud tag.  If you are having cheap priced Android gadget, then you must be suffering from the problem of low space. Most of the low price Android smartphones have less internal memory which limits the user to download apps. Well, the only solution to this problem is by making the space free. Deleting useful apps and making space for new apps is not advisable at all and also you will not like to do so. So how one can save space on one’s Android gadget. Let’s have a look at top 3 tips to

Save Space On Android.

1. Clear The Cache Of Apps

Save Space On Android

Many apps don’t use space for installing only, but also keeps eating memory during their use.  For example, Facebook app keep saving cache and the memory used by cache can be reached too 30 MB. Deleting the cache can save this valuable space and it is in case of all other apps as well.

 2. Use Web Version Of Sites

Web Version Of Sites

Most of the websites nowadays are launching their Android apps for fast and easy access to them. But all these apps require space and this results in less space for other useful apps. So you should focus to visit the web version of the sites only. There are many sites like Wikipedia, Facebook which provides the same site view, either it is web version or app. So there is no need of downloading such apps if they are good in the web versions itself.

3. Rooting

android rooting

By rooting, you can delete the unnecessary files which are on your Android forcefully by your provider. Deleting such apps can also save space and then you can this important space for other useful apps.

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