To Catch Soccer Fever of 2014 World Cup Subway Surfers Has Updated the Game

Online games have become popular among the people of almost all classes for its various advantages like indulgence, escapism and mental purgation.

Subway Surfers is a popular type of “endless running” mobile game developed by Kiloo, a Danish game development company. It can easily available to run on various mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

The game is highly interesting and popular among the youths. Youthful hooligans are the players of the game.

Subway Surfers was introduced in May 2012. After that, the game has several updates time to time. The game received a significant update in 2013. Based on a “World Tour” theme, the game introduces new game action on a monthly basis. It continued the same trend until on June 19, 2014 when a new trend featured the game. To catch the fever of 2014 World Cup in Brazil, Subway Surfers has incorporated the essence of soccer and its madness including celebration.

Anyway, the principle of the game is to run a hooligan character as far as possible. The character runs through a game world by combating randomly created obstacles. To avoid the obstacles what the player requires is jugglery skill. He needs either to jump or duck. Sometimes, it needs to dodge the oncoming trains with the aid of occasional power-ups. The characters in Subway Surfers collect coins, while they run. The game ensures an authentic use of tourist stereotypes. The latest version of the 2014 World Cup has introduced an interesting character named Edison, a soccer player of Brazil. Named as Sao Paulo, the game has become highly popular among online game aficionados.  The picturesque landscapes of the Brazilian beaches, interesting calligraphy and treasure hunts for Soccer Balls have made the game all times best. This is ideal for sharing the essence and fever of 2014 World Cup in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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