Top 10 Apps for Bored People

Whether you’re waiting at the doctor’s office to be called for you appointment or you’re at a boring get together and sick of people telling you how big you’ve gotten, you can always rely on your phone to rescue you out of the situation. But these desperate times call for the most enticing apps that will pull you out of your deepest darkest boredom.

Angry Birds

Apps for Bored People

Since it is one of the most popular game apps out there today I had to include this first. Get out your sling shot and cause funny looking foeto fall in fear of furious feathered fowls. Once you get into it, believe me when I tell you; you won’t get bored. It’s a little addicting trying to pass levels and get better. You might just become an angry bird if something draws you away from the game.

TV, Netflix and Hulu

While Netflix and Hulu require memberships, you can browse many other TV channel apps and watch free shows on the go. Seriously, if you’re bored, it doesn’t get much better than having a personal sized television everywhere you go!


While some people will enjoy spending their time watching hours of shows or movies, others are more into shopping. It’s nice to have craigslist on the go with you because anywhere you are you can browse through the most newly listed stuff. You’ll get to the best deals before other people can snatch them up!


This app which is both popular and extremely cool allows you to take photos and edit them into black and white or older looking photos. And once you’ve edited it and you look your best, you can share your photo with friends and view their photos as well. And all for free.

Scramble with Friends

This one’s free too! Play scramble with friends you know or people you don’t know. Connect and try to beat each other’s score. In this fast paced game you unscramble words while racing against the clock. It is known to be highly addictive so make sure you have lots of time on your hands; oh that’s right, most bored people do!

Hanging with Friends

The old game of hangman has resurfaced in the form of new age technology.  As the name implies, you play this one against friends too. Kiss boredom goodbye because hanging with friends this summer has just been taken to a whole new level!

Words with Friends

Prequel so to speak of hanging with friends, the game isn’t rated 4 stars for no reason. Download the app to find out for yourself what it’s all about.

Draw Something

This app is great for those with an artistic side and even funnier for those without any artistic abilities at all. Draw figures and have your friends guess what your brilliant masterpiece is!

Last Laugh Adult Jokes

Just make sure you are alone when using this app. People are likely to give you funny looks and you might be embarrassed if you break into laughter in the quiet doctor’s office. Browse through hilarious jokes and witty sayings.

Ninja Fruit Slice

Dash through pieces of flying fruit but try to avoid the bombs. The game will have you feeling like a ninja as you try frantically to slice every piece of fruit before it drops off the scene.

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