Top 10 Gorgeous Window’s Phone 7.5 Apps

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.5 uses tile based Metro design as the core element. Windows’ Phone 7.5 update, also known as Mango is blessed with an advanced web browser, twitter, Wi-Fi and much more. The Mango compatible version of this handset includes Live Tiles, app connects and multitasking that increases the functionality of the apps to a greater extent.

Windows Phone 7.5

There are over 30,000 interesting apps and games in the marketplace which can be easily downloaded in your handset. So, here are the best 10 Windows Phone 7.5 apps for your beloved gadget. Let’s have a look and you can easily download them from the marketplace by typing the name of the app given below in the search box :

1. AllRecipes

This is a lovely app for chefs and food lovers that give you multitude of food recipes with your windows Phone 7.5 handset. This free app is Mango-optimized and offers you an option of Live Tile at your home screen providing a delicious recipe every day. In addition it also pin several different recipes to the screen of your phone.

2. Evernote

It is a popular notetaking app which comes entirely free with your Windows 7.5 handset with Mango optimization. With the help of this app, you can pin template tiles to the home screen that allows you to make a new note with the help of one screen tap.

3. Fly Delta- If you are a frequent traveler and are always ready to pack your bag, then this is the right app for you. This app dotted with new Mango features enables you to book your tickets and to check in. not only this, with the help of Fly Delta, you can pin your boarding pass to your phone screen and can also see airport route maps in the Bing Maps.

4. Foursquare

It is one of the best apps to find out various locations in and around the town. Supported by new Mango updates, Foursquare offers your Live Tiles and multitasking with which you can pin the popular places to the home screen of your phone on the go.

5. gReadie

This is an advanced version of Windows Phone Google Reader app with Mango support. it allows you to pin a feed to the home screen that tells you about the unread article count and also about the latest story. You can also save the article for reading it offline and can download it while the phone is kept on charging, thus saving data costs.

6. Movies by flixster

It’s an excellent app for the Hollywood fans and entertainment seekers. This app allows you to brose the show-time of the latest releases, to see film trailers and to read the reviews of the current movies of the Hollywood world. Supported by Mango, this app provides you multitasking, Bing mobile search and also lets you pin your desired movies to your home screen.

7. Tuneln Radio

This free app enables you to listen to more than 50,000 music broadcasts with your Windows Live 7.5 handset. It provides the listeners with live audio aired by BBC and NPR and with its Mango update, you can also pin your favorite radio station to the home screen.

8. Parachute Panic

It is a game app from Microsoft Studio that lets the parachutists to learn about safety rules while landing on boats. The game includes various hurdles such as thunder clouds, sharks and others that can stop you from achieving your mission. This mango compatible app is blessed with Live title and multitasking.

9. Rocket Riot

It is another game app that gives you shooting tricks by guiding the 8-bit soldier fighting in a destructible environment. This app brings you a relief after whole day stress work and freshen your mood. It supports Fast App Switching that lets you re-start the game from the point where you left off earlier.

10. Slacker Radio

This free app is laced with over 150 programmed radio stations where you can experience an interesting blend of news, music, sports, comedy and so on. It is also multitasking supported and enables you to put your audio in background while you are working on some other app.

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