Top 25 Social Book Marking Sites That Will drive Traffic To your Websites

The process of storing, sharing, organizing, managing and searching for bookmarks of resources online is said to be Social Bookmarking. The term social tagging is also used, as tagging is one of the most used features when it comes to social bookmarking enabling users to easily bookmark and share with their friends online. After their initial conceptualization back in 1996, there have been numerous social bookmarking platforms on the World Wide Web.

Social Bookmarking

Social Book marking sites are a major source through which websites receive a constant flow of traffic and are also presented with a detailed insight about how their social bookmarking has helped them get users on their site. Here is a list of 25 most preferred social bookmarking sites which can drive traffic to your websites

1.       Delicious: Formerly known as, it provides an impressive platform for social bookmarking. It is a perfect example of how people can easily tag, share, remember and organise information they like online. Found by Joshua Schachter in 2003, Delicious has drawn almost 5 million users and a massive 180 million unique people have bookmarked URLs.

2.       A1-webmarks: The founders call it a free service that combines the convenience of a personal webmark server with the power of social webmarking. At the same, they have renamed online bookmarking as webmarking. It is a more personal approach of individual bookmarking with tagging as an added feature suggest its users the most preferable site to visit for particular type of information.

3.       Digg: Digg reveals the thrill of discovering valid information of your choice online. It builds lists of popular stories across the Web and makes its accessibility easy for its users to discover and share content form anywhere. When users ‘Digg’ the article, the article tends to become more and more popular.

4.       ‘Share this’ on Facebook: Facebook has proved to be an impressive and simple way to get traffic on your site. The ‘share this’ feature allows the user to share information with friends and also individually tag people according to preferences.

5.       Google Bookmarks: A free and easy to use bookmark storage service offered by Google is available to all the users of the Google email service-Gmail. Launched in 2005, it presents the users with the facility of bookmarking favourite websites, adding labels or tags and also with attached notes.

6.       Dropjack: One of the most user friendly social bookmarking sites, Dropjack has gripped the social bookmarking wave firmly with its Dropjack buttons which can easily be added onto your sites and Blogs. So simply, when the story is ‘jacked’ by users, it gets read by more and more people.

7.       Twitter: A site offering social networking and micro-blogging services, Twitter draws a massive 25 million users. All the users have to do is put in information with less than 140 characters and tweet it, only to find other users retweeting the same story if they find it useful. With almost 340 million tweets a day, Twitter is one the most preferred sites for social bookmarking.

8.       StumbleUpon: This site helps user to easily discover new and interesting stuff on the Web. Once the users give out his likes of certain type of information, StumbleUpon introduces them to related web pages, videos, photos and more. Additionally, the users can themselves put in information of their choice.

9.       Mister-Wong: Armed with almost a million users all over the world, it helps to manage an efficient list of favorite webpages. With an access to your email account, one can also get a topic oriented directory with attractive pricing.

10.  Pinterest: The guys at Pinterest define their social media platform as a virtual clipboard or rather a pinboard where users are let to organize and share all the beautiful things found on the web. The site is just two years old and has an almost 12 million active registered users.

11.   Reddit: This is a social news website where the users can submit content in the form of a link or even detailed text and can also vote the submission ‘up’ or ‘down’.

12.   BuzzFeed: BuzzFeed simply features the kind of things that one would prefer to pass along to his/her friends. Be it an outrageous video or an obscure subculture. One could subscribe to BuzzFeeds and can also get the BuzzFeed widget on your site.

13.   Fark: This is a site is catching up fast and promises to be a news aggregator and an edited social networking site. With almost 2000 news submissions every day, Fark has a respectable readership and content which is handpicked on account of its humour and weirdness.

14.   Slashdot: Started in the 1997 by a group of Editors and developers, this site allows users to submit news and information online. Slashdot is based on Slashdot-Like Automated Story Telling Homepage software.

15.   Yahoo Buzz: This is yahoo’s offering and gives a wider perspective of sharing and viewing a wide range of information.

16.   FriendFeed: This site enables its user to discover, discuss and share interesting stuff friends find on the web. With easy connectivity onto mobiles and facebook, it makes discovering and sharing very easy and efficient.

17.   Clipboard: A site that promises efficient selection, collection and sharing of valid information found online. This site has taken over clipmarks and promises satisfactory user experiences.

18.   Newsvine: Launched in 2006, the Seattle based company has been one of most preferred site for reading, sharing, writing and organizing news from various sources. Placement of stories is decided on parameters that include popularity, freshness and reputation.

19.   Technorati: This site has been founded to help bloggers succeed by collecting, highlighting and distributing online conversation. Technorati also targets to introduce good blog content to millions in need around the world

20.   Connotea: With an Alexa page rank of 8, Connotea promises to organise, share and discover valuable information online. This includes saving, organizing and creating individualistic libraries of favorite information.

21.   Diigo: Propagated as a collaborative research tool and a good sharing platform for the knowledge sharing community, Diigo gets almost 1.5 million unique visits a month and is growing by the minute.

22.   Folkd: It is a site that enables the user save links online, search socially and also get a sneak peek to the information your friends like. Availability of a like button provides the user with news that is most popular.

23.   Squidoo: Squidoo believes that its original, handcrafted and filled with fresh user centric content that readers love to discover and share. With squidoo, every user can upload stories and customize their own portfolio.

24.   Blinklist: With over 450,000 users, Blinklist affirms that it will not let its users lose any web page loved by them and also focusses its approach on the speed at which new users can get started and existing ones can find their favourite information.

25.   Citulike: This is a free site used for managing and discovering scholarly references and articles. Users can easily login via facebook and make the most of this platform. With almost 2000 articles added daily, it has a vast database filled with relevant information.

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