Top 3 Funny Android Apps like Talking Tom Cat

The Android is now the no.1 mobile operating system in whole over the world, having the user area of 25 percent of the total mobile users. The reason which makes the Android no.1 is its compatibility with the wide range of apps, which we can get from the Android Market. There are thousands of free and paid apps are available to download under each category.

If you are an Android user, then you must be familiar with the funny talking app, “Talking Tom Cat”. The app is just make you laugh by repeating your own words. The graphics are also awesome. A funny looking cat comes on the screen of your Android device and then behaves like as she is hearing all the words, that you are saying. After you stop speaking, then the cat starts repeating your words and all this put you in the world of joy and fun.

Not only the Talking Tom Cat, there are many other talking apps like it. There is huge rush of funny apps of the same concept. In this post I am going to write the top 3 apps, that you must have on your Android and that can really make you laugh.

So lets have a look at the top 3 funny talking apps like “Talking Tom Cat”.

1. Talking Santa

Well, if you love the Talking Tom Cat, then you will love this too. The funny app is based on the same concept as the Talking Tom Cat is. The only difference between the two is the difference between the graphics. The funny looking Santa comes on your Android Device’s screen and starts copying you. What ever you will speak, the Santa will listen it carefully and then will repeat the same words. Whatever tune you will play, it will repeat the same tune. The same words or tune coming from the nice and funny looking Santa is  really an enjoyable moment. This app is also very popular Android app and is very good for the kids.

Talking Santa

2. Talking Tom and Ben News

This one comes in the package of two funny stars. Talking Tom and Ben is also on the same concept as the previous apps are. When you start this app, then two celebrities ( Tom and Ben) comes on the screen of your Android and starts repeating your words. You can create funny discussions between the Tom and Ben and thus can enjoy a lot. This one is also recommended for all the Android users, who want to have some funny moments with their Android device.

3. Talking Dog Ben

What can i say about this now?? The funny app like the Talking Tom  Cat. When you start this app, then a funny dog comes on your screen, sitting on the sofa is the same way, as a professional person sits. Then he starts repeating your words, but here it is something different. The Talking Dog Ben do not repeat the words in the same tone. It repeats the words in the heavy voice and this becomes even more funnier then. The app comes with other options as well, such as the experiment. You can convert your Talking Dog Ben in to the scientist by entering the experiment room, but this one is not any serious scientist, but a scientist without having the knowledge of science.

So this was the list of top 3 funny apps like “Talking Tom Cat”. The talking apps have always been a source of lots of fun and enjoy and these are the best out of those apps. If you want to enjoy some funny and enjoyable moments on your Android device, then you must download these apps on your Android device now.

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