Top 5 Android Apps for College Students

Android Android Apps for College Studentscan use almost all applications. However, there are many applications that can be used by a student. Therefore, for a student to use it in his studies, it will depend on his needs and preferences. There are others that prefer it when they are listening to music, as a note-book and other ways that one can use. Therefore, if you are a student and you have an android, then there are applications that you can use to help you on your studies. As you know, using online programs are optional for students.

Therefore, below are top 5 android applications that you can use to make your studies even easier.

Grammar guide

This application can help you to write the correct grammar, and it is easy to use. It has a quick reference guide. The thing that makes it more useful is it gives you general rules, helpful hints and references for using in grammar. The application can be used when you are writing eases. This android application covers topics that are most troublesome to most people. The topics are glossary of terms, capitalization, punctuations, misspelled words and misused words. Furthermore, it shows you when and how to use numbers in a sentence and tips on proofreading.

Oxford American dictionary and thesaurus for android

This application was developed by Handmark. This application combines Oxford American dictionary and thesaurus giving you the power to get access to words. When you use this application, you will have the power to define words and give you the power to know the synonyms of a word. As people say, this application is first of its kind to be created. Well, this is true because there is no other. Therefore, if you are a student and you always misspell words, then this application will help you tremendously.

Aldiko book reader

As you know, as a student, you must do researches on different topics. The lecturers will always tell you to research as part of the homework. Therefore, instead of going to the library, you can always Google it. Therefore, if you have an android phone, you can always download this application. This application will help you to browse large catalogs of EBooks.

Advanced task manager pro

Is your android letting you down because it is slow? Well, the main cause for the problem is always when your android is running many applications at the same time, or it has a lot of applications. Well, why don’t you remove applications that you are not using? The best way to remove them is by the use of advanced task manager pro. This application kills and removes any application that you do not need and speeds up your phone.

AndroZip file manager

This application is a file compression tool for android phones. This application will help you when you in many ways. This application helps you to send multiple attached files at once and to save you space in your phone. This application can handle compressed files from ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP, JAR, WAR, EAR, BZIP2 and 7ZIP.

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