Top 5 Android Video Editing Apps of 2013

Things fly by in an instant: you watch your child be born, take their first steps, settle down into nursery, move on to their first real school and before you know it they’re graduating from university. These are all really important steps in a person’s life, and even if you don’t think so at the time you will soon look back and regret not saving that moment for years to come. Digital cameras can be bulky and tiresome to carry around, so, with the aid of an android mobile device, you can record high-quality video at your fingertips. But what you need next is a decent video editing app to really refine what you have taken a video of.

Back in the day it was left to the experts and professionals to edit video. In today’s world, where websites such as YouTube allow us to share our personal videos with people from across the world, mobile technology has advanced to give the ordinary mobile user the ability to make great additions to their videos. Here are five of the best apps you can find on the Google Play Store to edit video.

Video Converter Android
This app allows you to do the two things which are vital: edit, and then convert your videos. A wide range of video formats are available using the app, including MP4 and SMS-compatible file sizes. One of the great and unique features of this app is that you are able to solely extract and isolate the audio from a video which you have taken; a very useful feature if there are concerns over consent of images stored on a phone. Some apps will compromise quality of video for speed of rendering – with this app, there is no worry about reducing the quality of your final video.


This is the video editing app for beginners. All you have to do it record the video, upload it to the app and then select which tools you want to use to edit the video. The app itself can autonomously add effects to a video depending on the analysis of the scene you have recorded; all you are needed for is to name your final product! The cutting-edge facial recognition software within the app allows effects to be added to people’s bodies – you can even share your final product online using Facebook, Twitter or a YouTube account. You needn’t worry about audio copyright; the app has a select of free to use music built in, to really polish the overall experience of your movie.

AndroMedia Video Editor

If you want to work in high-definition, the AndroMedia Video Editor is the tool for you. Although most amateur users won’t need to worry about the quality of their video, this app is designed to help those who want to give a professional finish to their final video. You can edit the audio and video separately – something which is uncommon with mobile apps – and the overall user interface is extremely user-friendly. The app is somewhat more complex than those targeted at beginners, but most users will not find it too difficult.

Androvid Video trimmer

Most of us are guilty of recording far too much video, getting carried away with recording our children’s first steps or wanting to relive the entire graduation ceremony in later years. One of the key features of this app is that you can easily trim your video, and even merge scenes together which were shot at different times. There is even an option to not just share the video with the various social networking websites that are commonly used, but you can even set a frame from the finished video as your mobile wallpaper or screensaver!

VidTrim-Video Trimmer

If you want to trim down your videos while maintaining control over the final format and quality, then this is the app that was designed for you. You can convert the format that you recoded the video in to MP4 very easily, while selecting which portions of the video to remove and keep. There are also in-built graphics effects, such as adding a glow to your video, and of course there are options to proudly share your handiwork with your friends and family via Facebook.

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