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Cloud computing is the most common upcoming buzz in the entire world most of the big companies are shifting towards it and already many companies are working in this direction. There are many cloud computing software that you are already using it and they come very useful at times. In this post we are going to discuss about some of the top cloud computing software that are famous world wide.

The top 5 cloud computing applications are discussed as below

Drop box

Drop box is amongst the simplest file organizing tool that we have ever used. It is compatible with almost every windows. Dropbox is both a Web-based and downloadable product. It works equally smoothly on Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as mobile devices including iOS. It has 2GB free space available space and 500GB space available at the rate of $49.99 per month.

Google drive

Google drive is a cloud storage service. It’s a beefed up version of Google docs. You can store your documents, music, files data at same place. At the basic level it provides 5GB of free space. After which you can upgrade it at different rates depending on your requirements.


cloud computing services

I cloud is basically a top cloud computing service basically for apple users. This service allows users to store data like music files, data files, docs etc. This service has also replaced apples MobileMe service for storing contacts, mails, calendars, messages iCloud has over 125 million users worldwide.

some features and computer file interface this reasoning management system supports information including Microsoft Office information, image and mp3 information,  Photoshop, flash video and Photo shop and more. For free users the maximum limit is 25 GB and can publish a computer file of max size 25 MB. is counted among the top reasoning computing.

Panda cloud antivirus

This anti-virus is develop by Real language company which performs on the idea of reasoning processing. This is ranked as the best free anti-virus by PCworld. The anti-virus can be downloadable on to the computer and it delivers the information about the information file to the information middle on the reasoning and assessments for the viruses.

There are many other cloud service providers but we have discussed just 5 of them in this post. The above 5 mentioned cloud services are some of the most used cloud services used all over the world. The future is of cloud computing and as the time will pass more cloud services will come and make your life easy through computer over internet.

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