Top 5 Expected Features from Android JellyBean

If you are an Android lover then you have to check out the features that we are expecting from the upcoming version of Android – Android v5.0 (JellyBean). JellyBean OS will surely give a cut-throat competition to the current most advanced OS – iOS 6. The OS war between Apple and Google will surely never end, and things like – Apple rejecting Google Maps and developing its own alternatives is just acting like adding fuel to the fire. The JellyBean OS will be the successor of the current Android OS – Android v4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich). Though, ICS itself is a complete OS but technology always moves ahead so we have to make some changes and in this post we will be discussing the Top 5 Expected Features from Android JellyBean.

Android JellyBean

File Manager

The default file manager in Android ICS is good, and in case you don’t find it appealing or useful, you can download 3rd party file managers like Astro File Manager etc. These 3rd party managers are faster, and more useful. And this is something we want in JellyBean by default. A better file manager is the need.

Light UI

The current UI of ICS is somewhat slow, sometimes even the launcher doesn’t respond. This is something which Google should seriously look into because without a light UI no one will like the JellyBean. JellyBean will be a next-gen OS so it has to keep these minute things in mind.


The official S2 update from Gingerbread to ICS didn’t go as planned. Some people said that their phone got bricked because they tried that official update. Some sources said that there were programming mistakes, well whatever it was – we don’t want this to happen again. The JellyBean OS should be easily upgradeable.

Improved Security

The current security features of Android ICS aren’t too good; they can be easily made better just by tweaking some lines of codes. For example, we want the Google to create a built-in anti-theft security system in the JellyBean OS. At the same time, we don’t want the Android developers to sacrifice the versatility of Android.

More Unlock Options

There are currently 5 ways in Android ICS to unlock your device but we want more. We are expecting the JellyBean OS to introduce revolutionary ways like voice recognition for unlocking or even finger print scanning. This way, the Android team will be able to generate more and more customers.

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