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I am sure you must have fallen in love with your iPhone by now; after all it has got the world’s largest app store. There are well over 6 million apps supported by iOS, but there’s a bit of problem. It becomes really hard to choose the best ones from these. Some apps may claim to be free and electrifying but they aren’t worth downloading, this is not just the case of some apps, there are thousands of such apps. So what to do? Well we have compiled the list of Top 5 Free iOS Games – June 2012.

Temple Run

Temple Run

This game has always been my favorite one. You cannot just resist playing this game at least once in a day. The game is so much addicting that some apps are created just to increase your score, crazy. The game is simple, run and collecting coins dodging the obstacles. That’s it. If you score high, increase your market score and buy yourself some power-ups, utilities etc. You can even get yourself different characters.

Draw Something Free

If you love the drawing challenges then this game is just for you. You need to invite your friends to get started. The game is simple, you get a challenge, you make sure you do it properly and if everything goes well you qualify it. This game can surely develop professional artist skills in you.

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Angry Birds Free

Angry Birds has always made it to this list. The game is so simple and just so much addicting. You need to drag the frogs out of the bird’s area. This game is even available on different OS like Android etc. There are various versions of Angry Birds like – Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space etc are available for the iPhones but all of them come with a price tag.

Move the Box

This game is really light and addicting. The rules are simple, put the similar boxes together and make your way to the next level. The game is like the old game you used to play on your Video Game. Move the Box is available for free on iTunes store.

Words With Friends

If you are an enthusiastic English learner than you really need to download this game. Words With Friends is specially designed to increase the vocabulary strength of yours. The game works with only 2 players. The game may seem a bit difficult for a novice English learner.

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