Top 5 Free Games on Blackberry OS

With the passage of time, blackberry has seemed to change their focus also! Now, they are targeting the youths by introducing a variety of useful apps and games. When it is the matter of games, Blackberry has no reason to lack behind in number, style, genre, and quality. So, if you posses a Blackberry; know that you have all types of blackberry time killers out there! However, you might be more inclined toward playing some free games on Blackberry, right? Okay, so here are top 5 free games on Blackberry OS, which are highly rated in its App Store.


Games on Blackberry OS

If you like brainstorming, this one is just for you. Although it is free of cost, it is not free of addiction and tricks. Your goal in this game is to convert the entire playing screen in one color. This means that the playing screen will hold several colorful pixels of which you have to choose the color in which you want to paint the entire display (goes by its name). If you have never played it, it might take some time to get used to it. However, it is really an indulging puzzle game!

Bubble Bird

Bubble Bird

If you loved the Bubble Shooter, this one will also be on your hit list! Even in this game, you will have to shoot the bubbles of same color to grab the alluring points as well as to explore the remaining levels. So, what is so unique about this game? Well, it is the collection of bubbles that now appear as birds! Well, even the fun is doubled with the changed looks! So, happy shooting!

Bubble Breaker

Bubble Breaker

Can you recall Tetris? Treat this one as just the Blackberry version of Tetris! So, the mission is now clear: get more bubbles of same colors in a row or column to pop them and gain more points. You can play it for free, no doubt! However, if you wish to upgrade for a dollar, you get five levels and five bubble colors.


Hangman Game for BlackBerry

Although this is one of the school-day games, it is the favorite of many even today. That is why it is available as one of the free games on Blackberry OS. This version is more user-friendly because the player can use either the touch screen or a QWERTY keyboard to enter the letters. Furthermore, the game has enough vocabulary to keep you engaged throughout the day. And yes, there is also a theme such as travel to pick and play.

The River Test

The River Test Games For blackberry

If you are able to solve this one, do pat yourself for great intelligence because only 1/10th players have solved it until now. The idea is pretty clear – move two people simultaneously across the river. So, what is so hard in this game? Well, expect only a few people to get along. For instance, the thief cannot remain with any person if the policeman is there, while the mother would never prefer to remain with her children without the father. So, can you find the solution?

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