Top 5 Gadgets of The 2012- Part 2

Top 5 Gadgets of The 2012- Part 1 Cont……

1JVC GY-HMQ10 4K camcorder

In the past some years, along with the growing craze of the tablets and smart phones, the craze of the camera and camcorders has also been found there. This put this amazing camcorder on the no.6 in the tip gadgets of 2012 list. This great camcorder allows you to record and play the videos in the ultra definition, whose quality is far better than the quality of any other high definition television. The processing speed of this camcorder is also very good. So by purchasing this camcorder, you get both the quality and speed as well.

2. Reliance 4G Tab

Last year the data wind gave a major blow in the field of tablets, by announcing the low cost Aakash tablet, which was priced at Rs. 2500 only. I think this race of the cheap Tabs is not going to stop at all, and the leading network provider, Reliance has also decided to try its hands in this race. Reliance has gone a few steps ahead than that of the Aakash tablets and is going to launch the low cost tablet which will be priced around Rs. 3500. The Reliance has already revealed the idea about this, and this new tablet from the Reliance will be 4G network  based. Yes, 4G is what is announced by the Reliance. So the users can expect a fast internet experience, and also by launching the 4G networks based tablets, the Reliance will be the first company ever to announce the 4G network in India.

Reliance 4G Tab

3. Apple HD TV

After getting a huge success in the smart phones and tablets field, Apple is all set to play its next innings in the television field as well, and this time the player from the Apple will be the Apple HD TV. Yes, the rumors are there that the Apple will launch the Apple TV Set in this year. This one has got some extra features and is developed after looking on the huge craze of the Social Networking Sites. Rumors are there that this TV set from Apple, will combine both the TV and social profiles at the single place. The TV set will be a great gift to the advanced as well as the simple users. The idea of enjoying the  social networking sites along with your favorite television plays, is really a cool one. This TV set will be based on the Apple’s iPhones operating systems, i.e. iOS. All these amazing features of Apple HD TV Set, puts it on the no.8 in the top 10 gadgets of 2012 list.

4. Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

This one is the place for the Dell notebook and this time it is the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. The ultra book is also seen as a stylish laptop and the small and trendy design of the Dell XPS 13, makes it very portable. The size is very thin which varies from 13 to 6 mm down the side. The screen size is also good, which is 13.3 inches in size and comes with Gorilla Glass protection. The Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics of the Dell XPS 13, makes it similar to that of the Mac Book Air of the Apple. The other features include the high intel core i5 processor and good RAM memory, which is 4 GB. All this features make it on the no.9 in the top 10 gadgets list of 2012.

5. XBOX 360 Update

After the announcement of the Sony Play Station Vita, the Microsoft has also come up with the update of their popular gaming platform. XBOX. The Microsoft and Sony had been always the tough competitors of each other in the gaming field, and still the fight is there between the two. The XBOX 360 has got some typical gaming features. Also it has the integrated cloud service feature as well, that allows you to save your games easily. It has also the features of the bing voice search and the social media integration that will allow the users to share their favorite games and the gaming experience on the Facebook with simple click.

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