Top 5 iPhone apps to manage employees online

Getting more use out of your iPhone is imperative if you are in business. Your iPhone is supposed to be an asset to your business, which means it needs to be more than a calling machine and an alarm clock. You need to expand its uses with apps, and one way you may extend its use with your business in mind is to manage your employees with it. Here are five apps that you can use to manage your employees online (aka not in person).


1 – Employee Time Tracking

This is a cheap to purchase app that acts like a timer. It records (times) how long each staff member spends working or on a project. It has automatic management functions such as recording if an employee signs in late or leaves early. It also mentions this fact to the employee, telling them that they are leaving early or that they are late for work.

The automated reminders are a bit crude, but as a whole, the concept works rather nicely. The idea that an employee has to sign in and sign out of work at certain times is a very old one. You may bring this management technique into the modern era with this app. You should install it on a few mobile devices that never leave the office, because if you put in on all of your staff members phones, then they will simply sign in before they arrive if they are late.

2 – PayRecord

If you have staff that have to travel around, or rarely have a full office because your staff have to be on the road, then you may find this app very useful. You should have each staff member put this app on their phone in order to record their paid time. You can disseminate your orders to them and tell them what hours they are supposed to work and where they are supposed to work. They are then supposed to record their hours on the app.

At the end of the week or month, both you and your employees much reconcile your numbers via the app. The hours you recorded for your staff should match the ones that they have. They may also record the hours that they worked over, or on double time. If their numbers do not match yours, then you can give them a chance to justify their loss or gain of hours.


3 – Skype

A Skype app to help you manage your staff online? Yes, and why not? Just because it is not advertised as a big business tool does not mean you cannot use it as a business tool. With this app you may actually check up on your staff, whilst also imposing yourself on your staff.

Seeing your face and hearing your voice is going to carry more weight than if you simply send them an email. You also get to see their reactions to what you say to see if they are taking you seriously. You may also ask them to show you the work they have done (such as on a building site).

It allows you to check up on staff by actually forcing them to show themselves to you. They may say that they are at the site already, or that they are on the train already, but the Skype app allows you to see a video feed of them and where they are.

4 – Toggl

This app allows a user to enter his or her working hours into the app manually. It is a nice way of having staff enter their own working hours. You keep a record of what the staff member should have worked, and you can synchronize all of your app data with one app online. It collects your virtual timesheets from all of your staff and puts them in one place for you to access.

5 – Billable Hours

This is possibly one of the most useful apps on this app if you are looking to create invoices and bills based upon how much time your staff spend on a project. This app records how many hours a staff member spends on each project. The hours spent may then be used to create a bill for the client. The great thing about this app is that you can portion it out into categories and staff members.

For example, you may email your employee with a plan for the week. The plan shows all the places the employee must go and how long the employee must spend working there. This information is then recorded onto the app, allowing you to total the amount of time spent on each task. It is even better if you charge different rates for different jobs, as this app allows you to separate the more expensive hours from the cheaper hours.

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