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Undoubtedly, iPhone is the best smartphone in the world so far. The awesome gadget comes with great hardware features like camera, processor etc. But these things can’t make any user to stick with it for long time. It is the huge no. of apps in the Apple’s official app store, iTunes that make it to deserve the tag of ‘Best’. As an iPhone owner you may have installed many apps on it. But are you having the best apps on your iPhone? Well, selecting the best apps from huge rush of apps is not an easy task. But it will be easy after reading this post as I am going to list the 5 apps for iPhone, that really needs to be ‘The Best’ tag. So let’s have a look at it.

1. Window Shopping by Marvin Windows and Doors

Window Shopping by Marvin Windows and Doors

You can many apps related to entertainment, music, social media, chat etc etc. But the real thing is that these apps are not helpful in your home’s beauty. That’s why I am listing this awesome app on no. 1 as it comes with the unique concept and is the best app to enhance your home’s beauty. The app is based on helping you to select the best designs for your windows and doors. You can select from almost 50 resizable photos of Marvin windows and doors. After getting the perfect design according to your taste, then you can share it with your friends or can send them directly to local Marvin dealer for further work.

2. Draw Something

This is puzzle creating app. In the app you need to draw any random figure by using your finger as pen and your friends will guess the name of figure drawn. The funny answers coming from friends will make you laugh and the person who will give the right answer will get points and win the puzzle.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express

This is official release of Apple and is the best app to add effects to your photos. You can choose from no. of filters and effects that will make your photographs interesting and attractive. After editing the photo, you can upload it to the online photo gallery of, where you can browse the images uploaded by other users.

4. RunKeeper

This is the app for all health conscious people. This app makes the perfect use of your iPhone’s GPS capabilities and suggests you best routes for your jogging and cycling. You can also use this app to keep track of the calories you burnt by jogging and exercise. You can get the detailed report via the email and SMS as well.

5. Wikipanion

Although the site Wikipedia works fine on iPhone, but this awesome app takes the Wikipedia browsing experience to the next edge. You can have access to Wikipedia with single touch and that also with smooth browsing. You can copy the articles, save pages and bookmark any article within the app.

All the apps are best in their features and must be downloaded by every iPhone user. You should give them a try now.

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