Top 5 SEO Tips You Must Know

Following the Google’s updates on the stringent guidelines to curb down the prevailing black-hat techniques for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there has been a constant discussion the world as to how to meet the demands of the current times and improve the ranking of the website on the search engine. The fundamental ideology behind this development by Google is to benefit the online audiences with the guaranteed quality of the information they would like to search for.

The SEOs has been updating themselves since then and trying to swim across these difficult, strong tidal waves and retain themselves in the industry. Here are some useful tips that can benefit your SEO process and keep you on track with the ever changing and growing demands of the online business.

1. Quality content is the major key to the lock

The search engines (specially the Google) are now really looking for some fresh and quality content every day. The frequency of posting the articles have taken a back seat in the recent SEO scenario wherein the good quality content being posted say 2-3 times a week is advisable over the daily fresh content that’s lacking quality.

And while talking about the “quality content”, a full complete dissertation could be written on the same. But giving brevity a thumbs-up, would simply say that any content which could be really useful for the reader and solves his purpose of the online search would be a quality content. And move beyond writing just text posts and instead incorporate some videos, photos and Info graphics that can help you enhance your content and make it more user-friendly.

2. The coding has to be appropriate

Another important component of the On-Page SEO is the language that is used for generating the signals for the search engine bots. The keyword/s with which the visitor will search for the respective information on the search engine is an element of utmost importance.
The use of relevant words (known as the keywords) in the title or description of your website or a particular post can make or mar your chances at SEO and thereby the traffic on your website. And using the right theme for you posts can go a long way in the success of your website. I would recommend Word Press as the platform for posting your blogs on the website, courtesy, the control of maximum technical issues required for SEO.

3. Good quality and optimized Site Navigation

You are done with the high quality content and proper use of the keywords to generate traffic on your site. But nothing is good without a great user experience of your website. And the site accessibility should be at par excellence. Page speed, completely avoiding broken links and easy search bots crawling are some of the inevitable ingredients of your On-Page SEO process.

4. Quality driven forward and backward Link Building

In the past the inbound link building was ruled over by the quantity when the maximum number of forward links could improve the ranking of the website but not anymore. The quality rules now. More the authentic and famous the websites are for which you are providing the forward links, the better it is. And the same goes for the backward linking.
 The link to your website on a website with good ranking and high online traffic will only bring the visitors to your website. Now getting the forward links from good websites and backward links on good websites is again directly proportion to the quality of your content.

5. Social Recognition

A social sphere has to do a lot in improving the page rank. If your content gets votes from some of the influential people in the industry or is recommended over on various social media platforms, the better it is.
 You need to pull the online audience towards you. Engage more with the readers and go for the interactive model where you are inviting the consumer’s insights and perceptions regarding your website and content.

Samith Jhon

The author has a passion for blogging. He is also working as a Content Writer with seopeace, makes it sure that he remains in touch with the current trends in the world of SEO.

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