Top 6 Needs of Bloggers

Blogging is considered a norm in today’s life. Thanks to the Internet, just about everyone has read and followed at least one blog. It has become a way to pass information around for a number of different topics, including news, entertainment, trends and business. This goes doubly so for business, as there are those who have begun to enter blogging to promote their businesses. Regardless, there are those who want to start a blog, but don’t really know how. Here are the Top 6 needs of a blogger before he or she can start joining the world of blogging.

1) A blogging platform

First thing a blogger needs to begin his/her blogging ventures is to, of course, find a blogging platform to use, as it is difficult and time-consuming to start your very own website from scratch. Two platforms are suggested here: Blogger and WordPress. Blogger is a platform for people who are absolute newbies to blogging. It requires little technical expertise and are more suited to those who casually blog. However, Blogger has no protection, which will mean that you will lose everything in your blog should it get compromised. WordPress, on the other hand, is geared to the more advancedside. Requiring technical knowledge, WordPress offers more features than Blogger, as well as ensuring security so your blog is safe from trouble. Perfect for professional bloggers.

2) A topic to blog about

Next is a topic to blog about. It is said that whatever your blog talks about can make or break the blog. The best solution here would be to simply think of something you know a lot about, or perhaps something you have great interest in, or even anything you can easily talk about.

3) Getting people to read your blog

The next thing a blogger needs is to get people to read your blog. You can start here by commenting on other people’s blogs, while at the same time, inviting people to read your blog. Basically, promote your blog so that others will become interested and read your blog.

4) More ideas for blog posts

This one would be quite a challenge for the blogger. The fourth thing a blogger would need would be to find new ideas for blog posts. Kumar Suhas of KenFolios suggests coming up with new ideas by using keywords that are not only popular, but also search engine friendly. This may require some looking around in the Internet for keywords to use that will also likely come up in search engines, but the effort will pay off.

5) SEO skills

Yet another great challenge for the blogger. His/her fifth need would be SEO skills. Basically, you need to learn how to use search engines well in order to gain more readers for your blog. According to Suhas, SEO is a very broad topic and would take time to learn, but the best way to gain some skills in this would be to keep blogging, as well as using keywords, and you will eventually understand.

6) An ad network

The last thing a blogger needs for his blog is an ad network. Without an ad network, the blogger would be able to earn through his/her blog. Furthermore, it is difficult to get a leading ad network to approve a blog. Suhas once again, suggests AdSense for they are the choice for small publishers.

There you have it. The top 6 needs for a blogger. Thanks goes to Kumar Suhas of KenFolio. Visit here for more tips and information on the essential needs of a blogger:



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