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Boating games are becoming more and more popular on the Android at the moment, so here are a few you should try. Most of them may be downloaded for free, and all of them are becoming more and more popular.

Turbo River Racing

You can find this free game in the Google Play store. It has over 60,000 reviews, and most of them are positive, which is quite justifiable. The game is very well made, with crisp graphics and visuals. The game play is also very responsive and very easy to navigate. Some may complain that it becomes too repetitive, but if you challenge yourself to complete the game faster than you will find it very entertaining.

Boat Race

This is a competitive rowing boat game, where you have to choose a team to help you compete. You are supposed to control the in and out motions of the rower in order to beat your competition. It is a free game you may find in the Google Play store.

Life Boat

Within this game, you are expected to save the lives of people with your lifeboat. The graphics and visuals look a little rushed in some places. You have to save people from a burning ship, and you get points for how many people you return to the shore. It does not look up to much, but it is free so it is hard to quibble about graphics.

Speed Boat Racing

This game has a very good game play dynamic, and its use of multi-touch has made it a far smoother game play experience. You can even tilt your Android to make your boat more responsive when taking corners. The visuals are pretty good, as are the sound effect. You may tilt it forwards to accelerate and backwards to brake, making it annoyingly addictive.

Speed Boat: Zombies

With this game, you are expected to use your boating talents to destroy zombies. You can run over zombies, including via mounting the turf and running over the zombies on the land. You may also use the guns on you boat and shoot zombies from the safety of your speedboat.


3D Beer Chase Boat Racing

This game has pretty basic visuals, but the premise of the game is quite fun, and you will find yourself wasting hours on this game without really wanting to. The controls are responsive and the game play is sedate but dynamic enough to keep your attention. You row along the river whilst trying to retrieve your beer from the water. You encounter obstacles on the way, including women in bikinis laying on lie lows. The game is not for everyone, and many people claim that many of the reviews have been placed there by the developer. It appears that some of them clearly are written by a marketing department.

Boat Rush

You have to control several different boats on the screen and try to get them across the finishing line without hitting other boats or people. You can speed them up and slow them down as you navigate them to the finishing line. It is addictive, fun to play, and free.

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