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There are so many fitness apps out there to choose from for apple or android phones that it is difficult to tell one from another. However one distinguishing feature is that there are those apps which give you very general advice and merely portray stylish features such as the capacity for the user to create their own playlists and watch exercise videos, whilst others like the new Just Gym app will provide you with daily expert advice on diet, nutritional supplements and exercise over a course of 12 weeks. The expert advice will be tailored towards whether you seek to gain muscle, get ripped or simply tone up.

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Like most other apps it has the following basic features: you can search for your nearest gym, you can search for exercise videos to give you tips and inspire you to try new stretches and exercise routines, there is a very handy weight calculator which will retain your weight from when you started your fitness regime, you can create your own music playlists, there is the all-important stop watch and like most apps, there are always new programs added on a regular basis, so you will never become bored!

Apart from being extremely-user friendly, clear and providing expert advice, the other main feature which sets Just Gym apart from the rest is the user’s ability to purchase nutritional supplements through the app. By using the app’s very user-friendly search engine, you can easily find appropriate supplements to complete your fitness regime and make it a resounding success. Just Gym is the only app so far to provide this very convenient service.

If you want a tool to get fit which has actually been compiled by experts, and not just people looking to create some money and add to the already hard to distinguish apps out there, then go for the Just Gym app and put all your fitness, diet and nutritional supplement needs in the hands of just one app.


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