Top Reasons Why One Should Go For Android Jailbreak

There have always been different types of users associated with any technology that hits the market. Some users just accept the technology as it is and try to enjoy every bit of it by using it in their day-to-day routine. However, there is another class of users who somewhat want to explore that technology even further so as to be a part of that niche user group who also contribute to the development of that technology that they use.

Jail breaking has always been a workaround for those users who are never satisfied with any technology and want to keep exploring more and more. In fact, rooting or jail breaking has now become a tradition amongst such user groups.

Android Jailbreak

Rooting is all about getting an access to all the root level stuff and thus enjoys a whole lot of stuff that was actually meant to just remain inside the device and was not open to be touched by the users. And thus it is a lot more of fun for sure!

Important reasons for rooting or jail breaking an android

Here are some important points that will help you understand why you should try rooting or jail breaking your android phone:

  •  Android devices are mostly highly capable hardware but it is the operating system that puts a lot of limitations on these devices and thus become a bottleneck to perform many tasks. This is the downside of giving OEMs more than required access to OS to tweak them according to their need.
  • One of the most important known features of Android devices is the capability to install a lot of applications in the internal memory, which is not really true. In reality, this can be possible only after rooting the android device. As mentioned in the 1st point, this limitation could be imposed by device manufacturer. They always tend to play safe by lowering the boundary of device capabilities.
  • Though the hardware of the android based phones is capable to handle live wallpapers, it is mostly the software used which do not allow and thus it becomes difficult for these devices to run some applications. Rooting, on the other hand is one stop solution to this problem.
  • Multitouch is yet another feature users seek which is possible through rooting.
  • It’s only after rooting that you can start using Bluetooth or wifi in order to share connection with your laptop or PC for cellular data.
  • A number of nice applications have been developed by XDA developers, these applications allow easy over clocking of android-based CPUs. These operations would definitely need an access of root level. And, thus rooting is the way to go!
  • It makes it tad easy to install custom ROM and scripts to your device. Rooting opens a whole new world of possibility.

The list of reasons to go for rooting and not to go for are quite endless and the arguments for its pros and cons extend even further. So, as a conclusion to this article I think we have got enough positives to understand why we should go for rooting or jail breaking with confidence. When there is a capable device, which can make things a lot easier for us why to sit and use only that which was actually being made available to us by the manufacturers. It is our right to explore just everything in our android devices and make the most use of all of its available features.

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