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If you are gaming addict, then internet is the best platform for you to get new games. The procedure of searching the games online and then downloading it to your computer and then playing, is an old concept now. Trend has changed and so the internet is. Not the era is of playing games online. There are plenty of websites offering you a wide variety of games related to all categories, that you can play online. But the huge rush of such apps make it difficult for you to select the best ones. But now you need not to worry, as in this post I am going to list the best sites to play games online.

1. Miniclip

Play Games Online

Search for ‘Play Games Online’ and you will come across this site on the no.1 on the search results, which speaks the features of the site itself. The miniclip is known for its interesting games and you must have played their gamer offline. The site is fast in loading and make the full use of your internet speed to ensure the fast gaming experience.


If miniclip is the best, then Zapak is also not behind. The ever growing gaming portal has got well features and good graphical games. Just select the game, you want to play and Zapak will load the game within seconds.

3. PopCap

If you love Plants vs. Zombies and Bejeweled, then you are going to love PopCap as well. This site is online house of these games. Not only this, there are many more games, that you can play online or can download as well.

4. Addicting Games

Another well known name in this list is Addicting Games. The Addicting Games has been serving the people with great games and is good place to find new games and play them online. You can also download the games for offline play. If you want to challenge your friends in the games, then you can go for the “Play With Friends” category.

5. NinjaKiwi

NinjaKiwi is one my favorite online gaming portal. The thing I like most about them is the “Hot Games” category. This category keeps you updated with in trend games. Here you can find the games, which other users are playing online. So if you don’t have list of good games, then this category can be useful for you to create such list.

6. ShockWave

With tons of online games related to almost 20 categories, the ShockWave is on no. 6 in this list. The things I like most about this site is the wide variety of games and simple design, which makes it easy to find the new and interesting games. Also the new games are added constantly.

So it was the list of some best online gaming sites. No one has the time to play big games on the computer after downloading them. Therefore the trend is of online gaming. These sites are the best places to find and play interesting games and to have some happy and enjoying moments. So what you are waiting for? Just point your browser to these websites and get ready to drown in the field on online fun.

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