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With the growing technology resources and globalization, the World is becoming a small village. Today there is craze of getting Social in each person. Everyone wants to get social in this fast and busy life. But as the people do not have time to have a meet with each other, so all are taking the help of technology in this regard. The growing technology gadgets like, laptops, computers and smart phones are helping in this. But the most help full in this aspect is smart phones.

Well, with the use of laptops or desktops, your social attachment gets confined a small area only. You are in social touch as long as you are sitting in the front of your computer. The moment you turn your computer off, your social activities also stopped there. But, your social activities need not to be stopped ever. You must have the resource to remain social, on the go as well. Only the Smart Phones can help you in this.

The use of smart phones for social media is increasing day by day. Smart phones are proving to be the best resource to stay in touch with your friends and family world wide. It is the apps of smart phones, that help you keep social.

Well, millions of apps are there for various kinds of smart phones. You may get confused that which are great choices for you. So I decided to create this post, in which I am going to post about the top Social Media  apps for the smart phones. This list of top apps is not made by keeping any particular smart phone in mind. This list is based on the regular use and need in the Social Media.

So have a look on the top Social Media apps for the smart phones.



When ever we talk about the social media, then Facebook is the first social site, that comes in our mind. Well, the Facebook is the best social networking site so far and un doubtly the best place to stay social. So the Facebook app for the smart phone is on the no.1 mark. The Facebook app allows you to use the Facebook on your smart phone with full features. You can post status updates, check messages, news feed and notifications, while on the go.




The twitter is the next popular social networking site and so the twitter app is . The twitter is great resource to stay updated with the latest updates from the people you follow and your favorite celebrities and sports players. Twitter app for the smart phone, is full  rich in the features and there is not even a single feature, that you access on the PC, but not on the smart phones. Twitter app for smart phone allow you to re tweets, reply and post your own tweets as well.



In the past some time, the LinkedIn has grown tremendously. That’s why LinkedIn app for the smart phones is on the number 3 in this list.Actually the LinkedIn app for the smart phones allow you to take your professional life while on the go. If you are a business person then this app is must have app on your smart phone.



This app is recommended for your smart phone, if you are music and video lover like me. The MySpace app for the smart phone has got all the features, that the desktop site has. With this app on your smart phone, you can stay updated with the latest page 3 happenings, Music updates and videos as well.



This app is also another amazing Social Media app for your smart phone. It is also named as “geo social networking” tool. While it gives you access to the best features amd updates information, it also gives you the ability to automatic update your social networking accounts, such as Twitter of Facebook. So this app is also another Twitter or Facebook app, which has got some extra features as well.



If you love to chat online with your friends , then it is must have app for your smart phone. This app allows you to connect all of your IM accounts on the single place. So you don’t need to install the apps specially for each IM. With lots of features, this app will allow you to stay online in all your chat clients, on the same time. So having this app in your smart phone, you can have chat with friends, while on the go.


Tagged is a social networking site having the feature of “pick up date sites” as well. That is this great site offers the social networking along with accessibility to the dating sites as well. The same features are included on its smart phone app as well. This is also must have app for the youth.



If you love to go for the latest movies, then this app is for you. This app is rich in features  and will keep you updated with latest films, and your favorite actors related news as well. With this app you can check the new released films, the up coming films and also check the schedule of the films in your nearby cinemas. You can even rate the films with this app on your smart phone.


Microsoft Outlook

This is another business related app. With this app on your smart phone, you can stay updated with the latest messages, emails, calenders and voice mails as well.



Use this app to stamp the passport at each and every place you visit. This is also good app for the smart phones. The experience of stamping the passports with this app, is quite similar to stamping the passports in the real life.


Tweet Deck

Well, if you love the top social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, MySpace then the chances are pretty much there that you will love this app as well. No doubt there are individual apps for all the mentioned social networking sites, but these apps give you the access to one social site at one moment, But with tweet deck you can use them all at the same time. Having Tweet Deck installed on your smart phone, you can stay updated with the latest news and updates coming from the Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc. This app is must have app for all the smart phones users.


Tweeet Caster

This is a twitter related app for the smart phones and is developed by the Handmark. This app gives you the ability to stay updated with all of your social networking accounts at once. This cool app allow you to communicate with your friends form the various social accounts, while on the go.

So it was the list of the top Social Media Apps for the smart phones. This list is not made by considering the apps of any particular category. All the apps listed here are relates to the Social Media only and these apps help you in enhancing your social media experience. So install all these apps on your smart phone and get social with the world, while on the go.

Hope you like the list. If you have any suggestion or query related to this article, and then please let us know by dropping your valuable comments in the comment section below.


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