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In competing with the user experience, uniqueness and the level of interaction which Android and Apple offers on their apps, Windows Phones is also not less in any aspects. Recently Windows phone market got boasted with close to 60k plus apps which is a massive number and a good opportunity for WP device owners to get fabulous apps in masses. With the Nokia and HTC becoming part of the Windows Phone, WP has gaining back the popularity and more sustainability. Many unique and quite useful WP apps have been recently introduced in Windows Phone Market place. There are also many WP apps which also draw your attention towards the green life and bring you closer to the green living. Here are some of the top Windows Phone apps which will make you aware about green living.

1.INRIX Traffic(Free App)

Category: Travel & Navigation

Windows Phone Apps

You might be thinking how the travel & Navigation kind of system would be helpful in green living. Well INRIX Traffic is a fabulous app which provides you the real time traffic information from the streets and empowers you to choose the most efficient and fast route to your destination. The less time you will be on road, the less you burn the fuel and less will be the emission of CO2.

2. Eye on Earth(Free App)

Category: News & Weather

If you are in Europe then this app could be of great help to live with green. Eye on Earth is a environmental monitoring app which collects and collate the reports from the European Environment Agency’s network and provides the concrete information on the air, water quality and over all environmental aspects at your palm. This app also allows user to contribute information, share reports on social networking sites. It’s a free, yet a quite useful app especially when you are looking for the relevant information on environment around where you are living or planning to travel.

3.Love Clean London(Free App)

Category: Government Resources

The lovely and Clean London you see today, the credit of this goes to apps like Love Clean London which has encourage the government officials and citizens to take strong steps to maintain the cleanness in London city. I never been to London but a friend of mine stated that, this app is popularly used by citizens in London in reference to make and see their city clean.

Supposed you observe garbage left out on the street, overflow of local drain or any such scenario, you can take the snap of the scene through this app and your report would be sent directly to the relevant authority. This way you can keep London clean and encourage environmental friendly living.

4. eBay(Free App)

Category: Lifestyle & Shopping

More than 100 million users globally access the popular e-commerce portal; eBay. This app from eBay encourages the users to buy used and re-used thing. In this regards, eBay recently also has tied up with many clothing companies to encourage people to buy used cloths in order to reduce the wastage of cloths that are less used and can still be wore with hygiene. This all allows the user to submit the last minute bit, seller can also check on their sales and buyers will be catered with time sensitive information on their palm.

5. Waste Not(Free App)

Category: Government Resources

This app is currently location bounded and service of it is only available in Australia. It has been designed to encourage recycling and proper waste disposal. This app caters you the information on recycling and waste disposal services nearby your locality. This app allows you to create list of item you want to dispose off and will also provide the nearest recycling facility to dispose the waste.

I am sure just like millions; you also want the environment to be clean and to be green for generation to come. Do let us know your views and comment on these green living apps for Windows Phone and also your favourite pick.

This is a Guest Post by Praveen Yadav, who writes about Mobile Prices at his tech blog Mobile Prices Bot.


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