Transformation of TV in 2013 by Apple and Google

The chief executive of Apple Inc. has revealed some of the important plans for the company and especially targeting television. Each of the company is trying to offer something new to the market and it is evident that the technology battle has been started. Every organization is aiming to provide something new to the market by integrating latest technology and integrating the existing innovative products. Television is one of gadgets which are not new to the world however the companies are trying to add several features which can make it new to the world product. In the current age, the handheld devices are coming up with television technology and every person can utilize unlimited benefits of technological advancements.

Steps taken by the companies

There are several companies which, in the recent years, we’re focusing on the transformation of television systems. The cable operators have provided the customers with extensions which can perform additional activities, for example saving the channels or programs, scheduling systems, watching the favorite television programs at convenient timings; however the top companies are also aiming to stun the world with their unique offers. The companies are now interested in taking this technology towards the next step by incorporating sophisticated features in it. It is expected that in 2013, Apple Inc. will contribute huge towards the television industry and for making it entirely different and new to the world.

Transformation of TV by Google – The Key Ideas

The existing innovative products in the market are Apple TV which is supported by Bluetooth and the related features. However Google TV products are not behind these features. The incorporation of very powerful search bar and voice searching systems in television is the contribution from Google towards television technology. In addition to this, people can be benefited by video clips from YouTube and Knowledge graphs for completing their desired tasks side by side. Hence it can be said that Google has facilitated television technology by incorporating what everyone is interested in and in the upcoming year of 2013, people must be ready for the positive surprises.

Social Connections by using Television Screen

Samsung and Sony are now two giants which are emerging with best LCD solutions and television devices. Google’s technology and the ideas of social connectivity via television set when combines with the support of these companies will facilitate the customers in getting an entirely new concept of televisions. People can play gesture games, utilize the services of built in cameras and control the gestures by availing the upcoming television technology.

In simple words, television is not the leftover industry and the companies, especially Google and Apple are paying special attention in providing something new to the customers. Although very limited efforts and features are incorporated in television which is only limited to entertainment purposes however with the integration of sophisticated elements, the television will also be used as a communication device. In addition to this, people can also utilize it for their work, searching required information and playing numerous online games. Hence it can be said that in upcoming years, role of Google and Apple will be apparent in the television industry.



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