Twitter and its benefits: 10 Reasons for selecting it

Twitter is an extensively popular social networking website which enables users to write and read posts which are called “tweets.” It is a powerful micro blogging arena where users can tweet with a limit of 140 characters. Created by Jack Dorsey in March 2006 and launched in July of the same year, this social networking website has gained incredible popularity over the years. Read along to know the 10 reasons why to need to choose Twitter.
10 Reasons why you need to choose twitter
Twitter has gained its popularity because of numerous benefits it provides to people. Given below are 10 reasons why you need to create an account in Twitter:
Maintaining contact – Through Twitter, you can stay in touch with your family and friends no matter where you are. In a jiffy, you can send posts and find out what your dear ones have to say. Even when you’re far way, you would get a glimpse of the life of your family members and friends.
Promoting blogs and websites – Twitter serves as a really effective tool to promote blogs and websites. You can post links of your blog/website and also links of recent articles there. Twitter contains a re-tweet button which allows you to share your post with your followers. If your followers like your post, they can further re-tweet it and popularize your website even more.
Receiving information about latest news and offerings – You can learn about latest news and available offers, through posts published in Twitter. For example: you can know in which local store, you can get a massive discount or can get information about global news.
Publishing posts easily – Due to its 140 character limit, posts that are published are short and easy to read. At the same time, you can tweet easily from your phone or other mobile gadgets in no time at all. You can get access to useful information by reading just a few lines.
Receiving answers quickly – If you are in a hurry and want an answer to a query, you can post your question on Twitter and can get an answer to it within a few minutes.
Getting to know new people – You can meet new people online by following people with similar interests and likings. This way you can make a lot of new friends.
Knowing people from same profession – Twellow is one important search directory of Twitter which enables you to search and follow people from your profession, industry or with similar skill sets as yours.
Getting entertained – Twitter is a great tool for entertainment. By reading posts of various nature, you can not only get new and important information, but also can get ample amount of entertainment.
Getting to know more about your favorite celebrities – By following your favorite movie star or sports men, you can get a better view of their life by reading their posts.
Getting accessibility at any place and at any hour of the day – You can read and publish posts at your own convenient time and from any place you want, as long as Internet connection is available there.
Thus Twitter has quite a lot of benefits for its users. It is functional and fun at the same time.


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