Unusual Gadgets Powered by Solar Panels

With green technology growing in popularity, more and more companies are taking advantage of this consumer-driven trend. Solar panels, windmills and other forms of clean energy are big business, and small consumer products are cashing in on this trend. Companies are creating unusual gadgets based on solar power – this article will take you through a brief run-through of some of the weirdest renewable energy offerings that could be found on the internet!

The Voltaic 1003 is a solar-powered backpack with adaptors to charge hand-held electronics. The panels generate 4 watts of energy which can be stored in an attached battery pack or used to charge cell phones, iPods, or laptop computers right away. The solar panels are damage-resistant and come with a lifetime warranty. The bags are available for less than £65, and could be a pretty handy addition to your next camping trip!

Solar-powered insects are popular little gadgets for pranking coworkers or delighting budding entomologists. Pre-assembled cockroaches use the sun’s energy to dart across desks, and educational kits for assembling a miniature cricket will delight science-lovers of any age. These toys can be found for under £3 online, making them an affordable gift or opportunity to explore solar energy.

Halloween decorations offer night-time thrills, but new technology has created decorations that can harness the sun’s energy during the day and use it to terrify at night. One such product is a skull with glowing eyes. Coated with a weather-resistant resin and concealing a Ni-Cad battery that stores energy from the solar panels, this Halloween trick is a true treat at less than £20.

Another morbid but unique gadget powered by solar panels is a gravestone that broadcasts personal messages about the deceased. Using a panel on the top of the stone, this rather cutting-edge electronic device connects via Bluetooth to a computer inside of the gravestone. Family members and friends can send messages to be read aloud or program the stone as an electronic memorial, like those seen in some sci-fi movies. Unsurprisingly, I don’t think we’re going to see an abundance of these any time soon.

The Shiro SQ-S is an MP3 player with solar panels covering its backside. The device has 16 gigs of memory and can pick-up FM radio. Four hours of charging results in 35 hours of music playtime. The Shiro also comes with AC and USB cables for emergency charging.

So there you have it, a round-up of solar powered gadgets that goes from the ridiculous to the fairly useful! Why don’t you leave a comment if you can find anything else rather unusual!


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