Use Google Trick to Search And Download Full Version Softwares WithIn Minutes

Google,the name on which whole Internet Field is supported.Google is used by almost 53 percent of global internet users.When we talk about surfing the internet and looking for the information we need,Google is the best.But when we look into Google Search tips and tricks and then use it ourselves then Google seems to be leaving behind itself.

While surfing the Facebook I came across the trick to search for softwares adn to download them,that also in full version.Follow these steps simply….

  1. Open
  2. In the search bar type intitle:index of Software name.In the place of  Software Name; type the name of software you want to get full version of.E.G. If you want the full version of IDM then you need to type intitle:index of idm

From the search results that appears just go to the first website appearing in the search results.

3.    There you will find the direct link to download the file.Just click on it           download the software on your system.

Whats The Benefit??

Using this method you will have your software on to your system within minutes.Actually its very tough to get the download link of the full version softwares.If we search normally on the Google for the software then a plenty of sites will come up.These sites do not provide you link easily but keep going on deeper within their own pages to provide you link and in last you get nothing But with this simple trick you will have direct access to download link.No annoying add or no more head aching surfing.



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