Values Based Leadership – Its Huge Impact

Leadership is the hottest topic in every organization as leaders as the one who will identify the direction which the organization will fall. However, not all people view leadership in a single manner. There are distinctions to the definitions of leadership and one of them is the leadership concept based on values.

What is Value Based Leadership?

Basically, value based leadership is a type of leadership that is based on values. This may sound new to you and may be a bit critical since the term value also means differently to various people. But then, value in this sense has a lot to do with the financial terms of an organization or any business.

For instance, this may be applied when assessing whether a business is getting the best value for money with their purchases. Things like the inventory value as well as a shareholder is highly associated with value based leadership. Value based leadership in this regard means that all the things in the organization has specific value not only financially, but also when it comes to relationships.

Reaching The Goals

In a value based leadership, the goal of the leaders and members is to give and receive the highest value as possible. Leaders who are implementing this style always see to it that they the value they are receiving are equivalent to the value that they put on the company and to its members.

Thus, in order to become value based, leaders have to give value parallel to the value they want to receive so that they value will weigh equal when it comes to both parties. With this, members will surely follow their leaders because doing so is really worth while. This form of leadership can also be applied when it comes to products and services. As a business leader, you need to make sure that all your services and items are value based. It is not worth it to extract too much value from other people and giving less in return as this is not the way to do lead and be followed.

Value Based Leadership Coaching

As they say, leaders are not perfect. They also undergo coachings to learn what they have to learn. Luckily, effective value based leadership coaching is offered for those who are interested to dig in deeper. It requires a critical assessment of how you see your role as well as your skills as a leader. Coaching sessions will help you identify whether you are a competitor or a helper, a controller or catalyst, a teller or a teacher and much more.

Prior to engaging in these values based leadership coaching sessions, it is best to evaluate yourself an assess your mindset. Your answers will greatly help you in getting the most out of the discussion. Through these coaching sessions, you will be presented with various business models and several antidotes in order to eliminate the wrong practices. In this way, you will be on your way towards improvement and more effective leadership that followers would love to have.



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