War 2014: HTC One M8 VS Galaxy S5 VS iPhone 5s

No matter what you find on the mid range devices, companies work day and night to make the best when it comes to flagship devices. Samsung showcased the Samsung Galaxy S5 and while it wasn’t a huge improvement in terms of design over the Galaxy S4, it packs in many features that were seen for the first time on a Samsung. They added features like fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor to the device. The iPhone 5S came out last year and while it had the same design as iPhone 5; it added a smart camera, a motion coprocessor and a superb fingerprint scanner to the device. The HTC One M8 hasn’t got something very radical but the design of this device simply blows every other device out of water. What device would you pick? It is a tough call to make and we help you make the choice.


Design and Built
No matter what the rumours say, Samsung would disappoint when the device is launched. This seems to have become the trend with most of the high end Samsung devices. This device looks very much similar to the galaxy S4 which looked very much similar to the Galaxy S3 and dozen other Samsung devices. The visible change here is the soft rubberised back with a faint pattern that aids grip and the device is slightly fatter. They have made this device waterproof and it is the only waterproof device here. It is also the only device here with a removable back panel.
The iPhone 5S looks and feel similar to the iPhone 5 and we don’t have any complaints here. The device is very well built and is quite slim. The device is small so you can easily use it with one hand and you won’t even feel it in your pocket. Visible changes include the silver ring around the home key. It is all good until you get a hold of the HTC One. It is very well built and while the previous One was good, this one is better. The aluminium back curves nicely around the sides and continue all the way to the display of the device. The device is a bit tall for a 5 inch device due to the stereo speakers and the power button is on the top but apart from that, everything is just perfect here. Our pick would definitely be the HTC One here.

The iPhone has got the same display that we saw on the iPhone 5 and while it is pretty crisp, the numbers aren’t as impressive as the flagship android devices. The pixel density is above 300 which is pretty good and you can hardly spot any difference and the colours are well saturated. The viewing angles are great as well and so is the contrast ratio.
The HTC One M8 has got a 5 inch display with full HD resolution. It has got a Super LCD3 display which is quite good. The brightness levels are good and it is the same story with colours as well. The pixel density is way above 400 ppi. While there is nothing very special about the display, we really loved the way time and other info is display when you put on the flip cover. The flip cover has got holes in it and the time shows through it like a large LED clock that has been scaled down.
The Samsung has got a full HD AMOLED display and is the most impressive display here. The contrast ratios are amazing and the colours aren’t oversaturated like they usually are on the AMOLED displays. It is the most impressive display here and the other displays are overshadowed by it.


All the three devices here claim to have impressive cameras. The Samsung boasts of highest image resolution here. It has got a 16 megapixel camera and they claim that it can focus on the subject insanely fast. The performance is pretty good as well. It can also record slow motion videos though it is something that won’t be used very often.
The camera on the HTC One M8 is what we saw on the previous HTC One except for the optical image stabilization. And now they haven’t added it. They have removed it. There is a second camera as well, on the back only. At first we assumed that the device might be able to capture 3D photos but there is nothing like that. The second camera captures additional information that is used when you got to the gallery and select the edit option. That is really stupid putting an extra piece of hardware for a feature that many people won’t even notice. It has a dual colour flash similar to what we saw first on the iPhone 5S.
The dual colour flash? Yes the iPhone 5S brought that thing in. it has got two LEDs of different colour and they fire with different intensities to get the perfect white balance. The camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels but the camera is impressive. We might have to vote for the iPhone 5S for the innovation here.

Apple is the odd one out here. It runs the Apple iOS which is a pretty neat operating system. Apple has done something right with regard to multitasking is easier on this version of iOS and there are lot of preinstalled apps that you would like. There is the iCloud service and then there is the voice assistant Siri to handle things for you.
With the Android on both the other devices, you don’t get something like Siri but you get lot of other features. Samsung and HTC both have done their job with the operating system and they are far from stock. Samsung has given it the Touch Wiz treatment and HTC has topped it up with Sense UI. Samsung has made some changes to the Touch Wiz and something called My Magazine has been added here. The home brewed UI on the HTC looks and feels better as compared to the one on Samsung. The blink feed is here and has been moved to the leftmost screen while on home screen. They have added themes to this version if you change the look and feel. The HTC seems to have the edge here.


These devices pack in a lot of features and it is tough to decide one device. It depends on what features you prioritize. If you are looking for built quality and a good interface, HTC M8 is the device to buy. Get the iPhone 5S if you are looking for something small and easy to handle. If you are okay with the built quality and design, Samsung Galaxy S5 offers most for the price you pay.

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