Ways to Optimise Google Places Listings

Are you sure your target audience can find you online? If you are not, then increase your visibility through Google Places Listing.

Google Places Listings

Hmm, what is that again?

To make it very simple, it helps customers find you on the Web. Of course, that is if you sign up and apply certain optimisation strategies. To give you more idea on the rising importance of promoting your business through Google, have a look at the following statistical figures.

  • 87% of searches by UK users are done on Google
  • 76% of adult users learn about local services online
  • More than 61% of consumers look for local services first
  • The chance of getting clicks through pay-per-click (PPC) is only 1-3%, while through Google Organic Listing is 42%. On the other hand, you can obtain around 61% of searchers or more through Google Places Listing.

Looking into these facts, it goes to show that signing up is important for the success of your Internet marketing campaign. Once you are listed, do not forget to…

Optimise Your Listing on Google Places

1. Obtain verification

Does Twitter and Facebook ask you to verify your email address before you can actually begin any activity on your profile page? Well, this is also applicable for your page, wherein you have to confirm the listing through a phone call, mail, or SMS (which is the easiest).

No matter the authentication method you prefer, Google will provide you with a code, which you have to use for your account.

2. Use keywords

Does this tip seem familiar? Yes, it does because it is one of the most important search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies. Since you want to get noticed on Places too, you need to inject the right words or phrases here and there. And, just like SEO, you have to avoid keyword stuffing in your categories and description. Most importantly, your company name must not have keywords.

3. Place videos and images

Google may do this automatically for you. Then again, you will have more control with the types of photos posted on your page when you do it yourself. Therefore, never fail to put relevant and appealing pictures to ensure that your target audience follows your link.

Furthermore, add your profile with videos, preferably YouTube links, so your visitors will want to stay longer on your Places page.

4. Put content

If the first and second tips are similar to SEO techniques, the “content” mentioned here is different because it refers to the category fields, which you HAVE to fill out. Since the main purpose of enlisting on Google Places is to increase your online presence, do not waste the space given to you. What is more, do not worry about controlling the number of characters used for your company information.

5. Submit your official website or blog site to local directories and review sites

You must also focus on getting a good rank for local reviews, so do not hesitate to ask your existing clients for detailed comments regarding your offers. While you are at it, you can request them to add their write-ups with your primary keyword or phrase.

Additionally, many experts recommend acquiring reviews from top websites like City Search, Service Magic, Yahoo, and Insider Pages.

6. Your listing and website information must be the same

Which details have to be similar? Well, these typically include the business address, email, pin code, and landline or mobile number. This is a vital tip, so always remember it. Finally, use local phone digits (and not a toll-free number) to ensure high ranking.

So, there you have it. Take advantage of these strategies to guarantee a good rank on Google Places.

And, before we end this topic, know that it pays to set up an official company website or blog site to help increase your rank.

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Emma Tomlinson is the Head of Retail at Smart Traffic, a leading SEO company based in Bristol delivering successful campaigns to both SMEs and major brands.


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