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Usability is the foremost and frequently ignored feature in web design. Certainly, it must be well thought-out even former to the inauguration of designing any website be it an e-commerce site or a site that just offers basic statistics about a product. Usability must be an important portion of the complete website or software development practice. But usability is not only the part of just development. After the website is propelled, usability must prescribe what improvements are the requirements of the live website. This article will help in educating people by knowing the few following tips to improve the usability by contents not by adding colors and visuals.


Give Attention on Readability

Readability is the most important but is one of the token that indicate website usability issues. There is a high coincidental that the visitors will get exasperated and abandon it if the website has readability problems. This fundamentally means website owner is losing potential clienteles. From this, one should proceeds with the essential steps to certify that the site is free of readability issues.


To make the website free from readability problems, satisfactory amount of white space, appropriate paragraph configuring and demonstrating of lists using bullets etc. will also aid towards creating the website content more understandable and easy to read. Moreover, by adding designing features like sidebars, banners and text boxes on the site in such a manner that the user will not get distracted while using that particular website.


At the present time, net surfing on cell phones is most common than from laptops and desktops. For that reason, so must ensure that website customers are able to navigate the website quickly on their cell phone devices as well. In starting, one must choose a simple outline and use it on all the web pages. Moreover, one must do move away with horizontal scrolling which the customers feel really frustrating nonetheless the type of the device they are using to browse the site.

Exploration Functionality

At the same time some claims that navigation usability is one of the most important than search usability as search usability must not be underestimated. This is for the reason that users lean towards option to search if they cannot get the content they are searching for. In addition, customers will custom the search functionality if they are searching for a specific product on e-commerce sites.

Actually, it is suggested for large e-commerce sites that apart from the customary search appliance, an advanced search choice must also be available so as to permit the invitees to improve their search inquiries through the selection of considerations such as charges, brand names and analyses etc.

Easy Usage

The website customers must use the site with comfort. One can achieve this goal by adopting a number of methods like:

  • Limited scrolling just in horizontal or vertical direction
  • Making it easy for your users to complete their jobs such as captivating a call-to-action with few clicks
  • Do not make users to fill pointless, long forms
  • Ensure that users are able to recognize links and call-to-action keys effortlessly
  • Focus new arrivals or significant products or facilities on the site so that the regular invitees can search them with comfort and effortlessly.



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