What hazards social media will cause this year?

The darker side of social media

We all are well aware of the benefits of social media but like every other thing it has both pros and cons. We barely pay importance to the disadvantages but the fact is they really exist and must not be ignored. Here are some hazards of social media listed below.

Failure of business

Sometimes no matter how good marketing strategies you adopt you might experience failure due to lack of proper commitment or properly designed structure.

No immediate results

Marketing via social media might not give you immediate results at times.

Lack of privacy

All the social networks allow the users to send and accept request from the people they never know. Due to lack of privacy everyone can view your pictures which could lead to various crimes. People might exploit your privacy and take advantage of it.

Maintaining Confidentiality

It is the responsibility of all network owners to keep the data and information of their users to be confidential .Obviously nobody likes to get their personal identify public.

Requests from strangers

Many individuals on social networks accept requests from strangers. Some people make fake ids .You can never judge the person through screen. Avoid accepting request from the people you haven’t met in real life.

Chances of fraud

As social media is getting popular the rates of frauds are also increasing. Frauds include hacking, scams and piracy.

Human error

If you want to mail certain thing to your friend and you send it to someone else to don’t intent to. This human error can get you in hell many troubles. This is one of the drawbacks of the social service media.

Online hacking

Major drawback of social media is hacking. This is an inauthentic access to your personal information by the hacker. They people are train to break all the barriers of security. The major aim of these people is to blackmail the individual by accessing their certain information. Many online hacking systems are also developed for this purpose contributing to be the one of the disadvantage of social media of today.

Groups in social media

People post a lot of things in the groups which they have joined. These posts can also be used for blackmailing. Group chats can be misused.


Many individuals play many tricks to make money by false means by making fake identity.

Increased risk of Piracy

It is the copying of unauthorized material. It is also one of the hazards of online social networking.

How to stay safe from the social networking hazards??

Make sure that your children maintain privacy to their profile. Keep changing your password frequently in order to avoid hacking. Secure your network and computers too. Make sure your children accept the requests from the people they know and be aware of strangers. Allow your children to use their computer under your supervision only. Teach your children the different between piracy and copyright context.



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