What is the Future of interactive digital products?

It is an exciting world that one lives in today, especially when you look at the digital technology that pervades almost every sphere of life. Increasingly, this digital world is also blurring the lines between art and technology, between physical and virtual experiences and between design and dimension.

When an individual is able to interact with technology at many levels, it becomes an interesting and almost mind-boggling experience. There are plenty of products available in the market today and some of them truly blur the lines between reality and virtual life. So, what is the future of interactive digital products?

Tactile experience

There is no getting away from the fact that the power of touch and the tactile experience is here to stay. Touchscreen experiences will therefore be a huge part of the future of the digital experience. This “touch-based” experience can be deployed in many ways including:

  • multi touch displays
  • controlling information with hand gestures
  • allowing people to leaf through catalogues with multi-touch capabilities and
  • putting multi-touch displays on surfaces such as walls, tables and so on.

Creating extra dimensions

When an interactive digital product is able to absorb an individual into as many dimensions as possible, it is going to make it even more interesting for him. Using technology and equipment such as LCD screens, projections and projection devices, content built with pixels and so on, a brand or a business organization can certainly create more than a 3-D experience for its customers.imagaaes (1)

Interactive installations

Imagine being able to walk into a bank lobby or any other physical space, the difference being that you are actually doing it virtually! This is truly the future of interactive digital products. The ability to recreate a specific environment in the digital world will allow a business organization to showcase its products and services in a revolutionary manner. Interactive kiosks and booths can also go a long way in helping a retail outlet or any other establishment to connect with the online consumer.

Holograms and projections

When 3-D images get projected on 2-D surfaces, they can come across as rather real and fascinating. Perhaps the most interesting interactive experience can be with the help of such interactive 3d holograms. Bringing together equipment and technology such as lasers, light and lenses can result in creating a hologram which the customer will remember for a long time to come.

The power of air!

It is also interesting to note that even the element of air can become a huge part of interactive digital products. Take a look at movies such as ‘Minority Report’ and you will know what this means! By creating and using an interactive air screen, the makers of digital products bring together the power of the touch, gesture and ultrasensitive technology to make a point.

Thus, interactive digital products of tomorrow are going to be the finest examples of what augmented reality can be. Probably the best part of such a future is the fact that every business organization and brand can deploy it in a manner that showcases their strengths to the best ability possible. Blending the digital and physical worlds together is the way to go for the future.


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