What Should You Bring When Taking the Certification Exam Test for Cisco?

The Cisco test is the exam you take when you are ready to work as a certified Cisco technician. Although there is a fundamental test, there are also tests for various subfields of Cisco programming such as the 640-554, which tests a student’s knowledge of Cisco IOS Network Security. When you actually go in for testing at an approved testing location, you may need a few extra items.


These include some basic supplies such as pencils (as in a few pencils not just one), as well as a battery powered calculator that can help you perform fast calculations for various problems presented on the exam. Some students will actually bring calculators that have a solar power backup option in addition to a battery.

Before sitting down to the take the test, make sure you are feeling your best. Not only does feeling your best mean you enjoyed a good night’s sleep and had a bathroom break, but it also means you are confident, relaxed and familiar with the material and type of test. Try to mentally scan the information studied, particularly the main points of each lesson.

It helps tremendously to study an exam preparation guide. Such a tool, like the one offered by TestsForge, can help you prepare for a test by showing you how the test reads, questions you might be asked, and the format of such a test.


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