What’s in the New iOS 7

The apple is working constantly to improve their operating system that is known as iOS there are some factors that are taken to consideration when they decide to improve their system. If you wan to have a better understanding their systems then you have to know how they improve their system.

Interface that is Easy on the Eyes


The primary objective if the iOS developers are that it must look easy on the eyes. If it does not look attractive or appealing, then the apple would have difficulty selling. The other device companies have been bringing up different operation system all the year round so apple had to bring something that will definitely attract the users. It has a flat look on in the icons. The background looks like as it has been made with several layers. This gives a unique look to the interface.

Improved Interface

This iOS has the best version of navigation. It seems that its navigation comp abilities are very good and rivaled by none of the advanced interfaces in the market. Here you get the job done by a simple swipe from the phone. Finding notification is very easy and file management has never been easier. The ultimate version of iOS is the version seven. Here you can delete the email without opening and using just a swipe from your hand.


iTunes Internet Radio

iOS has a better iTunes service that has over 200 channels and you can listen any to them. They are if different genres and artists in the channel. the thing that us most extra ordinary is you can use your own customized set of station using only the managing panel. However this service is for the United States only. This may start in the UK after some time but no plans have been announced.

Better File Sharing

New iOS has a better file sharing ability then any other versions of iOS. It has different quality more than even the most social media friendly sites. The app will have a share button built into it. You give a tap to the share button, a new window named the share sheet will open and you can share your things easily from that. It is said to have the best sharing facilities that a Smartphone can offer. You can also use Airdrop or wi fi to share the files to a nearby iPhone with no time.

Improved Multitasking

iOS also boasts of its huge advancement in the field of multitasking. Although the other brands like androids and the windows are catching up, the iOS 7 holds quite a package. It has improved multitasking. The touch interface has become more interesting and human friendly. It will be able to understand of your fingers movements easily. This has made the experience more users friendly.

iOS 7 is going to release in the late October 2013. so you can wait and see what happens next.


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