Why the E-Tutor Tablet for Students Is Cloud-Based Solution Powered

Out of numerous technologies that are coming up nowadays, Cloud computing is one that expands its uses even to the learning of school-going children. Cloud computing makes use of the central remote servers and the internet so that various applications and data can be maintained.

When consumers as well as businesses use applications, they do not have to go through complex steps for its installation. Cloud computing enables them to access their personal files through any computer. It does so by centralizing memory, storage, bandwidth, and processing.

e-Tutor tablet is a tablet solution for students. It uses the technology of cloud-computing. Sam Pitroda is the advisor of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. He is the one who successfully launched India’s first cloud-based solution in the form of e-Tutor tablet for students going to school. The usage of e-Tutor tablets is beneficial for students from class 1 to class 12.

e-Tutor tablet will cost you Rs. 7,500. Content is already included in it. Students will be able to buy this product from the month of April 2012. It will be available in various stores from then on. Students can use it by the help of their internet service providers.
Oztern Technology and Technopark-based e-tutor made collaboration for introducing e-tutor tablet to students. Ranjth Balan is the managing director as well as founder of e-tutor. Regarding the purpose and usage of e-tutor tablets, he said that there has to be a complete solution for acquiring education through Tablet PCs. e-tutor is the first one that will offer students with a complete educational package.

The Tablet PC offers a digital whiteboard for the convenience of teachers and students. This indicates that teachers will now be at ease because they will be able to use a digital whiteboard for explaining various concepts to their students. It takes a lot of time as well as efforts to write on traditional whiteboards. On the other hand, students have to write down on their notebooks whatever the teacher writes on the whiteboard.

But now, the problem is solved because students will not need to jot down everything as they can easily have access to what had been taught in the class by using e-tutor learning tablet. Moreover, they can have discussions on important topics by participating in the collaborative platforms for learning. Having internet service providers that offer them high-speed service, they can benefit a lot from e-tutor tablets.

Unlike computers without having trackers for children’s internet activities, e-tutor tablet provides safety to children while using the internet. It does it by restricting it in the sense that the internet can be connected through the product’s synchronization module only.

Digital content included in the e-tutor tablet consists of comprehensive syllabus for students. It includes syllabus for State Board, ISCE, and CBSE. It has animated content, diagrams, experiments, as well as simulations that provide an exciting platform to students so that they can have fun while learning. Professionals in the field of cloud computing expect positive results in terms of students’ progress.

Saiju V. Stella is the CEO at Oztern Technology. Regarding cloud computing technology, he discussed that this technology can bring the most significant impact on the educational sector. This is because technology in gaining education had never been like this before. In order to come up with this device, Oztern used the cloud computing infrastructure of Microsoft called Microsoft Windows Azure.

Technology-related products in the educational sector are normally used for aiding teachers rather than students. However, e-tutor tablet is specifically designed to aid both in the learning process.

We hold a general perception about technology, i.e. it harms the environment. But when we consider e-tutor tablet’s contribution to the environment, our perceptions about technology will definitely change. Since e-tutor tablet uses cloud computing, it reduces the carbon emissions from the environment. It does this by making use of dedicated data centers and servers. These make computing energy-efficient and green because it does not consume energy in large amounts.

Students continuously want to have access to the lessons taught in class. These lessons will be available to them through the use of e-tutor tablets. Content updates will also be available on a regular basis though a mechanism that uses cloud computing technology. It also ensures that the content is being accessed by limiting the device to relevant locations only.

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