Why we need to get Tips to Build a Spam-Free WordPress Blog

Gone are the days when technology takes time to turn a new fold, today’s competition is very high. The web is under major concern today as it simplifies the life of humans and every new technology affects the society. Out of available tools, WordPress is considered as one of the powerful and famous open source blogging software. Mostly blogs are based on WordPress as it is free and easy to use. So spammers can easily target the WordPress blogs. The main issue is about spam comments. Most of the spammers are looking to promote their products or for building back links. Here are some tips to build a Spam-free WordPress blog but before discussing such a crucial issue we need to understand about the basic concept.

In present days spams are getting high popularity and not an automated process anymore. These new world Spammers depends more on the machines, yes they try to spam your valuable blogs with help of these blogs. It has been observed that people who earn less money or we can say that low wage workers and students are recruited by people to spread spam promoting their product and website so as to attract their potential customers.

Reason why spammers spam?

• Spammers can find a number of ways to spread spams through various techniques like doing blog commenting, doing forum posting and even by guest blogging. It is not a difficult task for them. Even they can find more ways except mentioned.
• The basic hard work yields a result when they got readers because their final target is your readers who are reading your blog. When they go through your blog just leave some comments. Their aim regarding commenting is to sell their products by leaving spam comments in your posts. Ultimately it’s not you but it’s your readers who fall prey to them.
• So in order to maintain your authority you need to dedicate some time to fight against spams. So that your blog remains safe from such comments that are getting deployed with negative aspect and returning marketing of spammer’s products or services.

Mostly it has been seen that blog commenting is done so as to submit links , Getting backlink could be another reason to target bloggers like you and me, it has been observed that some of the blogs still support do-follow links in their comments. So in order to maintain safety we need to have some tips to build a Spam-Free WordPress blog.

Akismet is the best ever plugin available to fight spam comments. In fact first action after installing my blog is to configure Akismet WordPress plugin which comes preinstalled with WordPress installation. Akismet is not a free plugin but it’s worth using, if you are serious about spam.

It is sure that, after installing Akismet your blog will be safe from 90% of the spam comments that was not possible otherwise.

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