Why Your Blog Getting Penalised By Google?

Google is the best source of traffic to any blog. To build a successful blog you have to study and follow Google and its Algorithms wisely otherwise you wont be successful in blogging which is widely known as Search Engine Optimization(SEO). Google ranks the search results based on 200 different signals. Recently Google search team started updating its algorithms to curb web spam and reward blogs with high quality articles. If you are one of them who is blog getting penalised by google then you have to check the following reasons.

Blog Getting Penalised By Google

Reasons Why Your Blog Getting Penalised by Google?

Low Quality Content:

Content is always the king .If you post low quality articles then you will definitely get penalised one day or other. Always write detailed full length articles which are useful to the reader with minimum 400-500 words. Use appropriate keywords and good Title. Mention h2,h3,h4 Tags in the body of the post.

Over On Page Optimization and keywords Stuffing:

Do not over optimize, SEO should come naturally. If you over optimize the article with keywords stuffing then you will get penalised for sure with the recent algorithm updates.

Excessive and Unnatural link building:

Dont use automated softwares for link building. If your site is new just wait for few days and start building links slowly. Getting bad backlinks will also lead to penalty.

Too many links in footer:

Blogs with too many links in footer and blogs which are getting too many links from footer are also getting penalised by google. If your blog has too many link in footer then its time to remove them.

Low Quality Pages Getting Indexed in Google Without your notice:

Sometimes google may index archive pages, search results and unnecessary pages which have no value in ranking on google. Such pages will affect your site very badly. As soon as you see such page remove those pages immediately from search results using google webmasters tool.

Neglecting Social Media

Social Networking websites are the source for unlimited traffic. Maintain a good social networking community. Have a good presence on social media sites like Facebook, Google+ , Stumbleupon, Digg etc.

Dont implement Black Hat SEO Techniques:

Never use Black Hat SEO techniques to increase traffic overnight. Black Hat SEO techniques are just only temporary ,in long run you will lose the traffic and one day you will definitely get penalised by google.

Too many Advertisements:

After the Google page layout algorithm has updated many blogs got penalised which have too many ads on the top of post(i.e Below Title).If you are the one who placed too many ads on the top of the post then its time to remove those ads and place ads within the post or below posts. Even the CTR will be high if you place ads within the post.


The main reason for your blog getting penalised is low quality content. Though few articles are of low quality it can affect the whole blog like “One bad Apple spoils the whole Bunch”. So focus on quality content and avoid using Black Hat SEO Techniques, Google will definitely bless your blog with huge traffic.

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