A list of 5 wonderful iPhone apps

Applications enhance the appeal of a gadget by making it more functional. Applications in devices such as phones aid us in our work and provides us ample amount of entertainment. In this case, applications for Apple iPhone are worth mentioning. They add glory to the already glorious Apple iPhone. Read along to know about some of the fabulous iPhone apps.

iPhone apps

Best iPhone apps

You can download the iPhone applications from the App Store for free or for a charge. Given below is a list of iPhone apps:

1) Kayak

– This is an excellent travel app which would enable you to search for hotels, cars and flights wherever you travel. From your phone, you can compare numerous travel sites, hotel, car and flight deals. Additionally, you can follow the status of your flight and get airport information and airline numbers.

2) Find My iPhone

– In case you loose your phone, this fascinating application would help you locate your missing phone with the help of another device with iOS (Apple’s operating system). In order to do that you would have to install this application on another Apple device with iOS. It uses a map to locate the missing device. Further, you can take control of your phone through the other iOS device. It can be done by playing a sound with full volume for 2 minutes, displaying message, remotely locking the phone and wiping data from the iPhone.

3) Pimp Your Screen

– Customize your iPhone everyday by using this application. It would provide you numerous backgrounds, app shelves, icon skins, neon combos and much more. Not only the home screen, but also the lock screen can be customized. With its wide range of offerings, you would never get bored of your phone’s look. Further, your screens can be shared on Twitter, Facebook etc.

4) Cut the Rope

– This is a fun game which you can play in your leisure time. It involves feeding the monster Om Nom with candies. In order to feed the cute monster, you would have to cut ropes in which candies would be tied. The candies should drop at the right moment so that the monster can be fed. To toughen your mission, there would be obstacles to stop you, which you would have to overcome. There are 250 levels in this game.

5) Pandora Radio

– This is a personalized radio which will (specifically) play music in accordance to your liking. Pandora will formulate a personalized station for you just after you start with any of your favorite song, artist etc. The paid version of this radio that is known as Pandora One, lets you listen to music without any interference from advertisements.

Applications for iPhones consist of a wide range. They cater to our demands, makes our lives more comfortable adds fun to our everyday lives.

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