WordPress Security Techniques To Secure Your Blog

Everybody cares about the security of their blogs. We here are providing you with the whole techniques and tips to secure your content and information from hackers.

Backup for updates of WordPress

The older version of the WordPress has many weaknesses which hacker’s targets. And to overcome this problem bloggers keeps backups of their blogs and consider strong plug in securing. The first step is to consider the updates of the blogging platform. It is highly recommended to keep a backup before setting up any updates. Anything can go wrong anytime so it is good to keep your blogging platform updated all the time.

Next important tip is Meta tags delete all of them because it announces the world about the WP-version you are currently using which is present in the file header

Plugging out of sight

Plugging is the important features of the WordPress and also provides blogs with high capabilities they also have weaknesses and can also contain viruses which are oppressed by hackers. So avoid this needs frequent updates. Plug-in types are also easy to observe by anyone by just going through the WP content/plug-in file. To avoid hackers create a file “index html” and place it in the folder where you have plug-in. It’s also good from the security point of view to keep a check on the plug-in folders that they are the right or wrong plug-in you have installed by yourself. Because some intruders place their plug-in in your folders. After checking out everything deletes the data that does not look familiar to you.

Frequently change your passwords

This is the only hack which is usually exploited by the hackers. To secure your blog you just need to set a crazy and difficult password. You can change it every month if you feel the requirement. Doesn’t just consider log in of WordPress but your FTP and hosting account password as well. Keep a record of the passwords you are using and also keep them in his safest place.

Keep an eye on the hidden codes

This will require WP inner working knowledge on your part, until you don’t have the full knowledge don’t mess with the things as these are difficult and not easy to work out with.

Theme files

Go through the folders of WordPress themes by logging into the control panel find the theme editor and search for the files contain themes. Look for anything that does not look familiar to you are even looking for PHP codes that you never added.

Database tables also need a check.

Some potential intruders uploads a false picture to your folders of “Uploads” and trigger them with call plug-in. Open PHPMyAdmin, for detection goes with the browsing wp-options” table and their edit “active_plugins” record. There you can find the entire active plug-in on your blogs. You can delete them if it does not look familiar.

Back up is the only essential thing that is required in securing your blogs before you are messing or uploading things.



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