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    The top six toughest phones

    If you’re looking for a phone which is as ‘tough as old boots’ and have no interest in the technical features, the ergonomics or the fancy styling of the latest innovative smartphone, this is the blog for you. If you place practicality and durability over anything else then look no further, here is a list [...]

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    Benefits of Using OLX App download for Posting Classified Ads

    There was a time when you needed to post a classified ad in a local newspaper in order to sell your car. The Internet changed the way everyone advertised whether it is about selling, buying, or seeking or providing services. OLX has been at the front end of the online classifieds revolution, providing a free [...]


    Why Buy YouTube Views with TimeWatchViews?

    It’s a sad fact about the way that social media works, but if you want your content to reach as wide an audience as possible, and to attract a lot of attention, then you need to have a solid initial following. Effectively, you need to look popular to become popular. For this reason, many people [...]


    More Voice Over Auditions Being Cast Online than Ever Before

    What was once the domain of only a handful of voice acting agencies in a few select major cities is now in the hands of voice actors around the globe, thanks to the advent of crowd sourcing websites like Voice Over The website launched this week bringing more voice acting jobs to talent. Professional [...]

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    What is the Future of interactive digital products?

    It is an exciting world that one lives in today, especially when you look at the digital technology that pervades almost every sphere of life. Increasingly, this digital world is also blurring the lines between art and technology, between physical and virtual experiences and between design and dimension. When an individual is able to interact [...]


    How to Get More Google Places Reviews: Easy, Effective Methods for Any Business

    Google Places has become a great tool for ambitious business owners. The search service displays reviews more prominently now than it ever has, which means more users are likely to see comments and ratings related to your company. There is no denying the value of a third party review. They can make or break a [...]


    How Cloud Computing works

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    Choosing and Setting Up Your Personal Assistant

    If you’re just starting out in internet marketing, you probably don’t have an auto-responder set up or don’t have any clue what an auto-responded is. But do not fear, this section is here to help you out. An auto-responder will pretty much be your digital personal assistant that will work all day every day and [...]